Ir. A. (Alex) Ziegler MSc

Policy Adviser
Department Manager

Department Building Design Consultants is the knowledge center of the Real Estate & Campus: innovative and proactive. We provide solicited and unsolicited advice on strategy, policy, development and realization within both the university's real estate and campus portfolio. We contribute to the development of new building constructions, redevelopment and renovation projects, decommissioning projects and energy-related works of Utrecht University. 
The professional building consultants are committed to determining and securing the technical and spatial/functional quality of our real estate development. This is done integrally in close cooperation with portfolio and Assetmanagement, Housing Advice, Safety & Environment, Energy, Control, Area Development and Projectmanagement. We work on future-proof buildings that are energy-positive, circular, functional, healthy and climate-adaptive and on a campus where top research and education can take place and where people can optimally learn, research, work and stay.

The team consists of consultants with the following (construction) disciplines and areas of expertise such as:

  • Interior Design
  • Architecture
  • Sustainability
  • (Installation) Technology: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Data-installations and Energy Engineering