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Albert van der Zeijden is Research Fellow Intangible Heritage Studies. His research focuses on processes of social belonging in connection with intangible heritage formation in a superdiverse context. He also writes about controversial heritage, heritage and tourism, and the role of heritage institutions in implementing the UNESCO convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, for which he coined the concept of 'cultural brokerage'. His work at the Dutch Centre for Intangible Heritage could be characterized as a form of Public Folklore, a discipline which has much in common with Public History, one of the fields of interest of the Cultural History Research Group at Utrecht University of which he is now a member. 


Key publications on intangible heritage:

Franklin van der Pols, Sophie Elpers, Kia Tsakiridis en Albert van der Zeijden (red), Immaterieel erfgoed en musea, special van Museumpeil nr. 49 (voorjaar 2018).

Samen met Sophie Elpers, Intangible Heritage and the Museum in an Age of Superdiversity, Position Paper written for the Expert Meeting on Museums, Diversity and Intangible Cultural Heritage (8-11-2017 in Rotterdam) in the context of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Museums Project.

'Intangible heritage as dialogue and as contestation. West-Kruiskade, Rotterdam and the changing face of memory', in: Jahrbuch für Europäische Ethnologie (2017): Die Niederlande Dritte Folge 12 (2017) 111-125.

'"Super-diversity" and the Changing Face of Intangible Cultural Heritage', in: International Journal of Intangible Heritage 12 (2017) 30-34.

'Diversiteit, hybriditeit en de Nationale Inventaris Immaterieel Cultureel Erfgoed in Nederland', in: Volkskunde 116 (2015) nr. 3, 331-343.

'Cultural Tourism and Intangible Heritage: A Critical Appraisal and Policy Guidelines', in: Wil Munsters & Marjan Melkert (eds), Anthropology as a Driver for Tourism Research (Antwerpen/Apeldoorn 2015) 191-202. 

'Naar een onderzoeksagenda voor immaterieel erfgoed. Kennisontwikkeling ten behoeve van het borgen van tradities', in: Volkskunde 116 (2015) nr. 1, 53-67.

Met Marc Jacobs en Jorijn Neyrinck, 'UNESCO, Brokers and Critical Success (F)Actors in Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage', in: dez. Brokers, Facilitators and Mediation. Critical Succes (F)Actors for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage Themanummer Volkskunde 115 (2014) nr. 3, 249-256.

'Dealing with Black Pete. Media, Mediators and the Dilemmas of Brokering Intangible Heritage', in: dez. Brokers, Facilitators and Mediation. Critical Succes (F)Actors for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage Themanummer Volkskunde 115 (2014) nr. 3, 349-360.

''Spiritual renewal and the safeguarding of religious traditions in the Netherlands: Some practical ideas and examples', in: Heritage Alive, gepubliceerd op internet 22 april 2014


Other publications in English include:

'Lively meeting in Paris. Working Group Research of the ICH-NGO Forum', in: ICH NGO FORUM - Newsletter July (2016).

Sinterklaas in the Netherlands: a beleaguered tradition (Utrecht 2014).

'Public Folklore and the construction of a regional identity in newly reclaimed Dutch polders (1945-1970)', in: Peter Jan Margry & Herman Roodenburg (eds), Reframing Dutch Culture. Between otherness and authenticity. (Aldershot 2007) 59-81.

'The Dutch center for popular culture and the cultivation of ethnic traditions and popular culture in the Netherlands', in: Ton Dekker e.a. (redactie), Roots and rituals. The construction of ethnic identities (Amsterdam 2000) 205-218.

Strategic themes / Focus areas
Scientific expertise
intangible heritage
controversial heritage
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Curriculum vitae

Albert van der Zeijden is an historian and works at the Dutch Centre for Intangible Heritage, that is responsible for the implementation of the UNESCO convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. He is an editorial board member of the Dutch-Flemish scholarly magazine Volkskunde.

Van der Zeijden is actively involved in the ICH-NGO Forum, the platform for communication, networking, exchange and cooperation for NGOs accredited by UNESCO to provide advisory services to the Intergovernmental Committee in the framework of the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. In 2015 he represented the Dutch Centre for Intangible Heritage in the Evaluation Body, which examines the nominations for the intangible heritage lists.

Albert van der Zeijden studied history at Utrecht University and wrote his PhD on a historiographical subject.

Fore more information see: http://www.albertvanderzeijden.nl/

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Albert van der Zeijden is wetenschappelijk beleidsmedewerker bij het Kenniscentrum Immaterieel Erfgoed.

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