Prof. mr. Annetje Ottow
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Vice President

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Professor Annetje Ottow is the Vice President of the Executive Board Utrecht University. Previously she was the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance as from 1 September 2014. Annetje is currently Professor of Public Economic Law at the Europa Institute of Utrecht University. She concentrates on the fields of market regulation and regulators, competition and European law. Her current research relates to independent regulators, with special focus on the institutional design and the supervisory and enforcement instruments used.

Since October 2013, Ottow is Non-executive Director to the Board of the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority). Since December 2013, Ottow is appointed as member of the Supervisory Board to Het Juridisch Loket (Dutch Legal Helpdesk).

Annetje was Non-Executive Board member of OPTA, the Dutch Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority. She has held visiting professorships at the Florence School of Regulation of the European University Institute of Florence (2011) and at the Competition Law Center of the George Washington University, USA (2012).  She is also a non-governmental adviser to the International CompetitionNetwork (ICN). From September 2013 until September 2016 she was member of the Supervisory Board to VU University Amsterdam.

Before entering the public service and academia, she was a lawyer in private practice for 16 years, active in the areas of competition and regulation.

In March 2015, Annetje Ottow's book "Market and Competition Authorities: Good Agency Principles", was published by Oxford University Press, where she identifies five principles: legality (L), independence (I), transparency (T), effectiveness (E), and responsibility (R), which I refer to jointly as the LITER principles. These five principles prove to be fundamental to a framework for agency design and actions, both for the agencies themselves, and also for the actors reviewing the agencies’ actions. 


Focus area:



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Additional functions and activities

Related to the Vice President of Utrecht University

  • Membership Advisory Committee WO VSBfonds Scholarship Program (funds in favor of UU)
  • Member VSNU Business Operations and Finance Steering Group (unpaid)
  • Member of the Member's council SURF (unpaid)

On personal titel

  • Non-Executive Director Competition Markets Authority (United Kingdom) (paid)
  • Member of the Effective Supervision Committee ZonMw (funds in favor of UU - as Professor)
  • Member of the supervisory board of the legal office (Juridisch Loket) (funds  in favor of UU - as professor)
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute (Florence) (unpaid - as professor)
  • Non-Governmental Advisor to the International Competition Network (ICN) (unpaid - as professor) 


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Heidelberglaan 8
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The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 3468
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