Prof. mr. Annetje Ottow
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Public economic law
Date of appointment 01.08.2007
Inaugural lecture date 17.09.2008

Professor Annetje Ottow LLM is Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance as from 1 September 2014. Annetje is currently Professor of Public Economic Law at the Europa Institute of Utrecht University. She concentrates on the fields of market regulation and regulators, competition and European law. Her current research relates to independent regulators, with special focus on the institutional design and the supervisory and enforcement instruments used.

Since October 2013, Ottow is Non-executive Director to the Board of the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority). Since December 2013, Ottow is appointed as member of the Supervisory Board to Het Juridisch Loket (Dutch Legal Helpdesk).

Annetje was Non-Executive Board member of OPTA, the Dutch Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority. She has held visiting professorships at the Florence School of Regulation of the European University Institute of Florence (2011) and at the Competition Law Center of the George Washington University, USA (2012).  She is also a non-governmental adviser to the International CompetitionNetwork (ICN). From September 2013 until September 2016 she was member of the Supervisory Board to VU University Amsterdam.

Before entering the public service and academia, she was a lawyer in private practice for 16 years, active in the areas of competition and regulation.


In March 2015, Annetje Ottow's book "Market and Competition Authorities: Good Agency Principles", was published by Oxford University Press, where she identifies five principles: legality (L), independence (I), transparency (T), effectiveness (E), and responsibility (R), which I refer to jointly as the LITER principles. These five principles prove to be fundamental to a framework for agency design and actions, both for the agencies themselves, and also for the actors reviewing the agencies’ actions. 


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regulatory agencies
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All publications
  2016 - Reports
Ottow, A.T., Stoker, Janka, Hommen, Jan, Schiffelers, Marie-Jeanne & Arnold, Daniëlle (2016). Externe evaluatie toetsingsproces AFM en DNB. (176 p.). Autoriteit Financiële Markten en De Nederlandsche Bank.
  2015 - Articles
Ottow, A.T. (2015). De lessons learned van toezichtrapporten. Tijdschrift voor Toezicht, 6 (2), (pp. 44-52).
  2015 - Books
Ottow, A.T. (2015). Market and Competition Authorities - Good Agency Principles. (304 p.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  2015 - Lectures
A.T. Ottow (14.10.2015) Bijdrage aan Markttoezichthoudersberaad
A.T. Ottow (11.03.2015) Lecture on 'The LITER principles in the context of prudential supervision by the European Central Bank'
A.T. Ottow (19.05.2015) Lecture on 'The LITER principles in the context of the Competition and Markets Authority'
A.T. Ottow (08.09.2015) Lezing in Den Haag ter ere van het vijfjarig bestaan van het Tijdschrift voor Toezicht
  2014 - Articles
Ottow, A.T. (2014). Erosion or innovation? The institutional design of competition agencies—A Dutch case study. Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, 2 (1), (pp. 25-43) (19 p.).
Sviev, Y. & Ottow, Annetje (2014). Financial Supervision in the interstices between private and public law. European Review of Contract Law (10), (pp. 496-544).
Scholten, Mira & Ottow, Annetje (2014). Institutional design of enforcement in the EU: the case of financial markets. Utrecht Law Review, 10 (5), (pp. 80-91).
  2014 - Book parts / chapters
Fonteijn, C. A. & Ottow, Annetje (2014). Independence of Competition Authorities - Independence in heart, mind and law. In D. Arts (Eds.), Mundi et Europae Civis: Liber Amicorum Jacques Steenbergen (pp. 405-414). Brussels: Larcier.
Ottow, A.T. (2014). The new European supervisory architecture of the financial markets. In M. Everson, C. Monda & E. Vos (Eds.), EU Agencies in – and – the external relations of the EU (pp. 123-143) (21 p.). The Hague: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.
Ottow, Annetje (2014). Tien jaar economisch toezichtlandschap. In F. Mertens (Eds.), Reflecties op de ontwikkeling en professionalisering van het toezicht. Tien jaar leeratelier toezicht en naleving (pp. 102-117) (16 p.). Den Haag: Nederlandse School voor Openbaar Bestuur.
Ottow, Annetje (2014). Toezicht in perspectief. In J-K Sluijs (Eds.), Mensenrechten en toezichthouders (pp. 161-165). Den Haag: Boom Juridische Uitgevers.
  2014 - Special issue
de Cock Buning, Madeleine, Ottow, Annetje & Vervaele, John (2014). Regulation and Enforcement in the EU: Regimes, Strategies and Styles. Utrecht Law Review, 10 (5), (pp. 1-8) (8 p.).
  2013 - Articles
de Cock Buning, M. & Ottow, A.T. (2013). Juridische ruggengraat toezicht mag niet ontbreken. Tijdschrift voor Toezicht, 4 (4), (pp. 34-39) (6 p.).
Ottow, A.T. (2013). Redactioneel: Consument Markt & Mededinging. Markt en Mededinging, 4, (pp. 103-105) (3 p.).
Leeuw, F.L., Morawski, M. & Ottow, A.T. (2013). Trends in toezicht: middelen, prestaties. Tijdschrift voor Toezicht, 4 (2), (pp. 43-51) (9 p.).
  2013 - Book parts / chapters
Ottow, A.T. (2013). The different levels of protection of national supervisors’ independence in the European landscape. In S. Comtois & K. de Graaf (Eds.), On judicial and quasi-judicial independence (pp. 139-166) (28 p.). The Hague: Eleven international publishing.
  2013 - Reports
Gerbrandy, A., Hessel, B., Ottow, A.T., Manunza, E. & Mombers, A.E.M. (2013). Mededingingsrechtelijke analyse van de werkzaamheden van het NFI. (78 p.). Den Haag: Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek- en Documentatiecentrum (WODC), Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie.
  2013 - Lectures
A.T. Ottow (13.04.2013) Erosion of innovation? The institutional design of competition agencies. A Dutch case study
A.T. Ottow (17.10.2013) Erosion of innovation? The institutional design of competition agencies. A Dutch case study
A.T. Ottow (23.01.2013) European Financial Supervision and its response to the financial crisis
A.T. Ottow (06.11.2013) Harmonisatie of differentiatie: Handhaving door nationale toezichthouders binnen de Europese context
A.T. Ottow (28.11.2013) Institutional Design of Competition Agencies: Developments in The Netherlands and UK
A.T. Ottow (08.11.2013) The design of competition agencies
A.T. Ottow (05.12.2013) The role of discretion for economic regulators
  2012 - Articles
Ottow, A.T. & Robben, P.B.M. (2012). De toezichthouder als koorddanser, Column. Tijdschrift voor Toezicht, 3, (pp. 32-35) (4 p.).
Ottow, A.T. (2012). Europeanization of the Supervision of Competitive Markets. European public law, 18 (1), (pp. 191-221) (31 p.).
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Ottow, A.T. (2012). Transparantie bij het toezicht. Tijdschrift voor Toezicht, 3, (pp. 3-5) (3 p.).
  2012 - Reports
  2012 - Lectures
A.T. Ottow (20.04.2012) Lecture. Advocay
A.T. Ottow (25.05.2012) Lecture. Independence of regulatory Authorities and the influence of European law
A.T. Ottow (29.10.2012) Lecture. Institutional Design of Telecommunications and Media Authorities
A.T. Ottow (30.04.2012) Lecture. Intrusion of public law into contract law: the case of network sectors, Expert meeting of Professor Hans Micklitz, The Visible hand
A.T. Ottow (30.05.2012) Lecture. Political interference in bar associations, the independence principle
A.T. Ottow (10.05.2012) Lezing. De rekkelijken en de preciezen
A.T. Ottow (30.08.2012) Lezing. High Trust, Hoge boetes, lezing ter ere van het afscheid van Ronald Gerritse, inspecteur-generaal Inspectie gezondheidszorg
A.T. Ottow (11.10.2012) Lezing. Organisatie congres en dagvoorzitter, ‘Regulation 2.0’
A.T. Ottow (26.06.2012) Lezing. Toezicht en handhaving
A.T. Ottow (18.06.2012) Lezing. Toezichtdilemma’s
  2011 - Articles
Ottow, A.T. (2011). De toezicht Bermudadriehoek. Toezicht, 4, (pp. 48-50) (3 p.).
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Ottow, A.T. (2011). Het Europese toezicht op de financiële markten. RegelMaat, 4, (pp. 202-212) (11 p.).
  2011 - Books
Ottow, A.T., Akerboom, S., Buist, G., Huijgen, A. & Pront-van Bommel, S. (2011). Smart grid pilots, Agentschap NL, Deel 1 en Deel 2. (204 p.). Amsterdam, Delft en Utrecht: Agentschap NL.
  2011 - Book parts / chapters
Ottow, A.T. (2011). De autonome Europese Burger. In A. van den Brink, S.A. de Vries & M.P.A. de Koninck (Eds.), Beginselen bouwen Burgerschap (pp. 115-120) (6 p.). Den Haag: Boom Juridische Uitgevers.
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  2011 - Reports
Ottow, A.T. (2011). European Supervision of the Financial Markets, Working Paper 02/11. Europa Institute Utrecht.
Ottow, A.T. & de Weers, K. (2011). Towards a European Enforcement Toolkit? Working Paper 01/11. Europa Institute Utrecht.
  2010 - Articles
Ottow, A.T. (2010). Boeteberichten. Markt en Mededinging, 2010 (4), (pp. 125-127) (3 p.).
Ottow, A.T. & van Meerten, H. (2010). The proposals for the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs): the right (legal) way forward?. Tijdschrift voor Financieel Recht, 2010 (1/2), (pp. 5-16) (12 p.).
  2010 - Books
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  2010 - Annotations
Ottow, A.T. (09.03.2010). 2010, , (De onafhankelijkheid van toezichthouders, Notenkraker).
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  2009 - Books
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Ottow, A.T. (2009). Enforcement by regulators through self regulation and compliance programs, Paper for ACLE Conference ‘To Enforce and Comply. Incentives inside Corporations and Agencies’. Amsterdam: Amsterdam Centre for Law & Economics.
  2009 - Book parts / chapters
Ottow, A.T. (2009). Observations on economic proof in economic cases. In S.A.C.M. Lavrijssen, O. Essens & A. Gerbrandy (Eds.), National Courts and the Standard of Review in Competition Law and Economic Regulation (pp. 39-48) (9 p.). Groningen: Europa Law Publishing.
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  2008 - Articles
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  2008 - Book parts / chapters
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  2007 - Articles
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  2007 - Books
Ottow, A.T., van Eijk, N.A.N.M. & Dommering, E.J (2007). Sdu Wettenverzameling Telecommunicatierecht. (416 p.). Den Haag: SDU.
  0 - Lectures
A.T. Ottow () The role of ESMA
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Economic regulation, competition law, supervision and enforcement

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Public economic law (bachelor)

European Law and policy

European competition law

Master law and Economics

market regulation and Supervision

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Additional functions and activities

Uit hoofde van of samenhangend met de functie

  • Lid commissie Effectief Toezicht ZonMw (bezoldigd)
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute (Florence) (onbezoldigd)
  • Non-Governmental Advisor to the International Competition Network (ICN) (onbezoldigd) 
  • Lid Raad van Toezicht van het Juridisch Loket (bezoldigd)


Op persoonlijke titel

  •  Non-Executive Director Competition Markets Authority (United Kingdom) (bezoldigd)
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