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Arron Honniball is a Ph.D. Candidate at Utrecht University, specialising in the jurisdiction framework of public international law. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws from University College London (First-class honours, 2011), and Masters of Public International Law from Utrecht University (Cum Laude, 2013).

As part of the UNIJURIS project, Arron is examining the use of port state jurisdiction to regulate extraterritorial conduct of global/regional/individual concern.

The project investigates international law governing extraterritorial port state jurisdiction (PSJ), when enforcing unilateral conservation measures, or regional measures against non-parties. Whilst applied within its territory, PSJ can potentially regulate extraterritorial conduct. Regimes of jurisdiction, law of the sea and international trade law govern such state authority. Having established the governing framework, the project examines the relationship from an alternative perspective, i.e. whether PSJ practice has adjusted the legal framework. Finally unilateralism and current PSJ enforcement powers, as sustainability tools, are evaluated. The focus throughout is fisheries regulation of areas beyond the maritime zones of the applicable coastal state.

Arron is being supervised by prof. dr. Cedric Ryngaert & co-supervised by prof. dr. Erik Molenaar and dr. Seline Trevisanut. He is a member of the Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea (NILOS), and the Utrecht Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law (UCWOSL).

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All publications
Honniball, A.N. (2016). The Exclusive Jurisdiction of Flag States: A Limitation on Pro-active Port States?. International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law, 31 (3), (pp. 499-530) (32 p.).
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UCU Public International Law

  • Guest lecture: Law of the Sea - The peaceful balance of communal values and national interests.

Summer School Utrecht 2017: Introduction to the International Law of the Sea

  • Jurisdiction over vessels (co-taught with Nelson F. Coelho).


Bachelor, Public International Law (February - April 2016)

Regular Working Groups

  • Group 24, Thursdays 9:00-10:45.
  • Group 29, Thursdays 13:15-15:00.


  • Group 24, Fridays 13:15-15:00.
  • Group 29, Fridays 15:15-17:00.

UCU Public International Law

  • Guest lecture: Law of the Sea - The peaceful balance of communal values and national interests.


General Course on Public International Law (RGMAGE300) - Seminar 2: Jurisdiction and Immunities.

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Additional functions and activities



  • SIM/PIL Monthly Luncheons - Organiser (February 2014 - February 2017).


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