Dr. Anne Rainville

Assistant Professor
Innovation and Sustainability



Contribution to draft advice Kamerbrief Innovatiegericht Inkopen to the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and ClimateAnne Rainville (Advisor)
Dec 2022
Tracking innovation via green patent classification systems: Are we truly capturing circular economy progress?Anne Rainville (Presenter)
3 Nov 2022
, Neunte ZEW-MaCCI-Konferenz zur Innovationsökonomik und Patentforschung
EU Project DemoTrans: Fostering inclusive economic growth through public procurementAnne Rainville (Invited speaker)
3 Nov 2022
, PIANOo Werkcongres Innovatiegericht Inkopen


Green public procurement in European countries; A framework to enhance innovationAnne Rainville (Keynote speaker)
2 Dec 2021
, Wetenschapsmiddag Innovatiegericht Inkopen, PIANOo
Public Procurement for Societal ChallengesAnne Rainville (Organiser)
30 Nov 2021
Indepent Reviewer and Consensus Raporteur for proposal review. TOPIC ID: HORIZON-EIE-2021-CONNECT-01-02Anne Rainville (Reviewer)
22 Nov 202121 Feb 2022
Previous innovation procurement workAnne Rainville (Invited speaker)
5 Jul 2021
Economic tools to support public procurers via eafip Toolkit 2, in EU guidance on Innovation ProcurementAnne Rainville (Advisor)
18 Jun 2021
National Innovatiegericht Inkoop working group. PIANOo (External organisation)Anne Rainville (Member)


HOME/B/04 iProcureNet. Indepent Reviewer and Consensus Raporteur, First Periodic Review, grant agreement No 832875Anne Rainville (Reviewer)
18 Sept 202012 May 2021
Project iProcureNet, under EU program 2020 and DG Home (Event)Anne Rainville (Member)
1 Sept 2020
, Project iProcureNet, under EU program 2020 and DG Home