Ahmed Al Mayahi

Ahmed Al Mayahi

PhD Candidate

I am Ahmed Al Mayahi, a new PhD candidate at UU, Department of Geoscience. I am from Oman which is an Arab country with very friendly and welcoming people. Our country is in the southwestern Asia. It has a very diverse climatic and geological nature, and it is known globally as a paradise for geologists. In my PhD, I am going to work with Prof. dr. Ruud Schotting and Dr. Amir Raof team on studying the impact of physical, chemical, and biological factors on the transport of solute and nano-fertilizers across the soil. I have been working in Oman as a faculty at the Department of Soils, Water and Agricultural Engineering, College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Oman. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Soil Sciences with a minor in Water Technologies in 2016 and a Master’s degree in Soil and Water Management in 2018, both from SQU. I have been working in various research projects in the field of soil and water management, pollution in cities, soil salinity management, enhancement of groundwater recharge, shallow water table rise, air pollution, water saving techniques for home gardening, landscaping and farms, experiments and modelling of infiltration in sand dunes, etc. I published 13 journal articles, 19 conference abstracts, 8 newspaper and magazine articles, and 5 technical reports. I participated and attended more than 41 local and international conferences. I am also a member of professional organizations like Oman Water Society, Environmental Society of Oman and Toastmaster club. I am a co-founder of Postgraduate Student Society at SQU. I won 18 awards for academic merits, research and teaching.

Field of interest

Soil column with sensors

Studying the impact of irrigation management on soil salinity development

Studying the anthropogenic effects on soil and water system