dr. A.J.J. (Alexis) Tantet
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Currently a postdoc at the Institute of Meteorology - Hamburg Univerisity with Valerio Lucarini, my current focus is on the application of ergodic theory, in the broad sense, to the dynamics of the climate system and its stability.

In particular, with the help of reduction methods, I aim to better understand low-frequency variability and response to forcing from the spectral properties of the chaotic or stochastic evolution of ensembles.

My recent interest is also oriented towards dynamical oceanography and on the application of stochastic methods to better resolve the interaction of mesoscale of submesoscale eddies with the large scale flow relevant for climate projections.

Scientific expertise
stochastic modeling
statistical physics
Ocean dynamics

Geometric characterisation of diffusion arising from the interaction of the stochastic forcing with the flow
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Key publications

Tantet, A.J.J., Lucarini, Valerio, Lunkeit, Frank & Dijkstra, H.A. (08.07.2015). Crisis of the Chaotic Attractor of a Climate Model: A Transfer Operator Approach. arXiv.org, (pp. 1-28) (28 p.).

All publications
  2016 - Scholarly publications
von der Heydt, A. S., Dijkstra, Hendrik, van de Wal, R. S. W., Caballero, R., Crucifix, M., Foster, G. L., Huber, M., Köhler, P., Rohling, E. J., Valdes, P. J., Ashwin, P., Bathiany, S., Berends, Tijn, van Bree, Loes, Ditlevsen, P., Ghil, M., Haywood, A., Katzav, J., Lohmann, G., Lohmann, J., Lucarini, V., Marzocchi, Alice, Pälike, H., Ruvalcaba Baroni, I., Simon, D., Sluijs, A., Stap, L. B., Tantet, A., Viebahn, J. & Ziegler, M. (2016). Lessons on Climate Sensitivity From Past Climate Changes. Current Climate Change Reports, (pp. 1-11) (11 p.).
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Tantet, Alexis, van der Burgt, Fiona & Dijkstra, Henk (18.02.2015). An early warning indicator for atmospheric blocking events using transfer operators. Chaos, 25.
Tantet, A.J.J., Lucarini, Valerio, Lunkeit, Frank & Dijkstra, H.A. (08.07.2015). Crisis of the Chaotic Attractor of a Climate Model: A Transfer Operator Approach. arXiv.org, (pp. 1-28) (28 p.).
Tantet, A.J.J. (22.10.2015). Par@Graph - a parallel toolbox for the construction and analysis of large complex climate networks. Geoscientific Model Development, 8 (1), (pp. 319-349) (11 p.).
  2014 - Scholarly publications
Brandt, Peter, Funk, Andreas, Tantet, Alexis, Johns, William E. & Fischer, Jürgen (01.02.2014). The Equatorial Undercurrent in the central Atlantic and its relation to tropical Atlantic variability. Climate Dynamics, 43 (11), (pp. 2985–2997) (13 p.).
Johns, William E., Brandt, Peter, Bourlès, Bernard, Tantet, Alexis, Papapostolou, A. & Houk, A. (23.04.2014). Zonal structure and seasonal variability of the Atlantic Equatorial Undercurrent. Climate Dynamics, 43, (pp. 3047-3069).
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Completed projects

LINC - Learning about Interacting Networks in Climate 01.03.2012 to 29.02.2016
General project description

Improving our understanding of the Earth´s complex climate phenomena, such as El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), has a huge economic and social impact for present and future generations, and can underpin advances in areas as diverse as energy, environment, agricultural and marine sciences. Given the complexity of the inter-relations between the subsystems that constitute our climate, it is important to approach the problem from an interdisciplinary perspective. However,there is a great shortage of qualified workforce to perform this task and a major challenge is the education and training of young qualified researchers that can approach climate phenomena from a complex systems point of view. 

This requires knowledge from several fields such as physics, dynamical systems theory and computer science, and also requires a detailed understanding of Earth sciences such as meteorology and oceanography. There is also a clear need for improving the coordination and cooperation of the research teams working on these issues.

Role PhD Candidate
Individual project description

An ESR based at University of Utrecht will focus on the global connection of patterns of interannual-to-decadal climate variability (ENSO, PDO, IOD and AMO) and the detection and physics of changes in these connections. Results from long control simulations (1000+ years) with state-of-the-art GCMs will be analysed and the occurrence of relatively rapid changes in connections by the patterns of variability, possibly associated with tipping points in the global climate, will be investigated. The focus will be on results from GCM simulations in which Atlantic MOC is reduced by melt water input into the northern North Atlantic.

EU grant: Marie-Curie Initial Training Network (ITN)
Project members UU
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Additional functions and activities

Development of the ergoPack software for the analysis of the ergodic and mixing properties of dynamical systems from the spectrum of transfer operators calculated form time series and numerical models.

Contribution to the GNU Scientific Library.

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Full name
dr. A.J.J. Tantet Contact details
Buys Ballotgebouw

Princetonplein 5
Room 616
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 3155
Buys Ballotgebouw

Princetonplein 5
Room -
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 3155

Universität Hamburg
Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability
Meteorologisches Institut
Grindelberg 5
20144 Hamburg

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