Dr. A.J. (Arnold) Boersma

Associate Professor
Cellular Protein Chemistry

Selection of publications

  • Cell wall damage increases macromolecular crowding effects in the Escherichia coli cytoplasm. T Pittas, W Zuo, AJ Boersma*, iScience 2023.
  • High macromolecular crowding in liposomes from microfluidics. LPB Guerzoni, AVC de Goes, M Kalacheva, J Hadula, M Mork, L De Laporte, AJ Boersma*, Advanced Science 2022, 27, 2201169.
    • Invited article "Rising Stars" series Advanced Science
  • A FRET-based method for monitoring structural transitions in protein self-organization. Q Wan, SN Mouton, LM Veenhoff, AJ Boersma*, Cell Reports Methods 2022, 2, 100184.
  • A physicochemical perspective of aging from single-cell analysis of pH, macromolecular and organellar crowding in yeast. SN Mouton, DJ Thaller, MM Crane, IL Rempel, OT Terpstra, A Steen, M Kaeberlein, CP Lusk, AJ Boersma*, LM Veenhoff, eLife 2020, 9, e54707.
    • Part of Aging, Geroscience, and Longevity: A Special Issue of Life
  • Decreased effective macromolecular crowding in Escherichia coli adapted to hyperosmotic stress. B Liu, Z Hasrat, B Poolman, AJ Boersma*, Journal of Bacteriology 2019, 201 (10), e00708-18
    • Selected as Article of Significant Interest (spotlight) in J. Bacteriol.
  • Influence of fluorescent protein maturation on FRET measurements in living cells. B Liu, SN Mavrova, J van den Berg, SK Kristensen, L Mantovanelli, LM Veenhoff, B Poolman, AJ Boersma*, ACS Sensors 2018, 3 (9), 1735-1742
    • Selected in "Rising Stars in Sensing" virtual issue of ACS Sensors 2020
  • Ionic strength sensing in living cells. B Liu, B Poolman, AJ Boersma*, ACS Chemical Biology 2017, 12 (10), 2510-2514
    • Highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News, October 2017
    • Cover image ACS Chem. Biol. October 2017
    • Meet our authors highlight Boqun Liu
  • Design and properties of genetically encoded probes for sensing macromolecular crowding. B Liu, C Åberg, FJ van Eerden, SJ Marrink, B Poolman, AJ Boersma*, Biophysical Journal 2017, 112 (9), 1929-1939
  • A sensor for quantification of macromolecular crowding in living cells. AJ Boersma*, IS Zuhorn, B Poolman, Nature Methods 2015, 12 (3), 227
    • Highlighted in NWO newsletter, 2015
    • Highlighted in Biophysical Society newsletter (with interview), 2015
    • News articles in kennislink.nl, University of Groningen website, AzoSensors.com, Science Newsline, Phys.org, Technobahn, EurekAlert!, Science Daily, Bioportfolio, Nanowerk Nanotechnology News, and others.