Dr. Anastasia Hacopian PhD

Drift 13
Drift 13-2A
Kamer 1.04
3512 BR Utrecht

Dr. Anastasia Hacopian PhD

Assistant Professor
Liberal Arts and Sciences

Anastasia Hacopian is an assistant professor in the Liberal Arts and Sciences bachelor program at the School of Liberal Arts at Utrecht University. She is coordinator and instructor of the course Multidisciplinary Project. Next to her work in the School of Liberal Arts, Anastasia is instructor in the Honours College. Anastasia is also an advisor for inclusive education and member of the faculty of Humanities working commission for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.

After studying German at the University of California Berkeley and San Francisco State University, Anastasia completed her doctoral studies in German Literature & Culture at Humboldt University in Berlin, using an multidisciplinary approach to research the bed motif in Franz Kafka's writing and its relationship to the modern boundary between the private and the public spheres.

As the child of Japanese and Iranian-Armenian immigrants to the United States, Anastasia is stimulated by the access her "otherness" grants to multiple cultures and vantage points. Her current research in higher education focuses on the dynamics between positionality and interdisciplinarity. She also studies urban identity and agency within subscenes in the Dutch city of Rotterdam.

The statue "Moments Contained" by Thomas J Price stands in front of Rotterdam Central Station and serves as a representation of urban identity for many Rotterdam residents.