Dr. Teuni ten Brink

Assistant Professor
Experimental Psychology

Teuni ten Brink obtained her PhD in 2018 on the diagnosis and treatment of visuospatial neglect after stroke, within the Center of Excellence for Rehabilitation Medicine Utrecht. Here, she conducted an RCT on prism adaptation in visuospatial neglect and developed several dynamic diagnostic tools. She received an NWO Rubicon grant to study spatial attention in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome at the University of Bath. Currently, she is appointed as assistant professor at Utrecht University and is part of Neuropsychology UU


Ten Brink’s research is focused onunderstanding processes of visual perception, attention, and executive functioning, and improving neuropsychological assessment. She uses techniques such as eye tracking and digitized testing in several patient populations (e.g., stroke, neurodegenerative disorders). She aims to incorporate insights from experimental psychology into the field of clinical neuropsychology.