Anushka Dasgupta

PhD Candidate
Organisation Science

I am a PhD Researcher at the USG part of a project interested in understanding how Western Europeans improvise subsistence security with new and enduring insecurities in work, care and access to basic infrastructures. I will be conducting ethnographic fieldwork in order to study what practices, both formal and informal, go in to improvising security at the level of everyday life in the urban. 

My interest in improvisation in the urban is also something I worked on in my MSc thesis wherein I studied how university students in New Delhi, India improvised informal healthcare infrastructure in the face of the delta wave of Covid-19 in the summer of 2021. Through qualitative interviews I researched how certain temporally, spatially, and politically informed practices came out of these moment. 

I also like to think about: grassroots organisation, informality, urban space and its potentialities, and the work of universities and scholarship in practising organising.