Prof. dr. Antoine Buyse
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Human Rights in a Multidisciplinary Perspective
Date of appointment 01.10.2014
Inaugural lecture date 16.06.2015

Antoine Buyse is professor of human rights and director of the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM). He is Editor-in-Chief of the Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, member of the editorial board of the Dutch human rights review, and he hosts a weblog about the European Convention on Human Rights. He is co-coordinator of the University's Focus Research Area 'Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights' and of the Utrecht Centre for Global Challenges (UGLOBE) and is a connected to the Montaigne Centre for Judicial Administration and Conflict Resolution and the University's strategic theme 'Institutions'. 

Involved in the following study programme(s)

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All publications
  2016 - Book parts / chapters
Buyse, Antoine (15.03.2016). Flying or landing? The pilot judgment procedure in the changing European human rights architecture. In Oddný Mjöll Arnardóttir & Antoine Buyse (Eds.), Shifting Centres of Gravity in Human Rights Protection - Rethinking Relations between the ECHR, EU, and National Legal Orders (pp. 101-115) (15 p.). London: Routledge.
  2016 - Book editorship
Arnardóttir, Oddný Mjöll & Buyse, Antoine (15.03.2016). Shifting centres of gravity in human rights protection - Rethinking relations between the ECHR, EU, and national legal orders. (207 p.). London: Routledge.
  2016 - Lectures
A.C. Buyse (01.09.2016) Main organiser and scientific chair of the conference
  2015 - Articles
Buyse, A.C. (2015). Human Rights for Foxes and Hedgehogs (Inaugural Lecture). Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, 33 (3), (pp. 355-364) (10 p.).
  2015 - Book parts / chapters
Buyse, A.C. (2015). Media in Post-Conflict Transitions - Balancing Protection Against Violence and Freedom of Expression . In Matthew Saul & James Sweeney (Eds.), International Law and Post-Conflict Reconstruction Policy (pp. 211-228) (18 p.). London: Routledge.
Buyse, A.C. (2015). Tacit Citing - The Scarcity of Judicial Dialogue between the Global and the Regional Human Rights Mechanisms in Freedom of Expression Cases. In Tarlach McGonagle & Yvonne Donders (Eds.), The United Nations and Freedom of Expression and Information - Critical Perspectives (pp. 443-462) (20 p.). Cambridge: Cambridge: University Press.
  2015 - Reports
Loof, J.P., Uzman, J., Barkhuysen, T, Buyse, A.C., Gerards, J.H. & Lawson, R.A. (2015). Het mensenrechtenkader voor het Nederlandse stelsel van toezicht op de inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten. (46 p.). Universiteit Leiden.
  2015 - Lectures
A.C. Buyse (16.06.2015) Human Rights for Foxes and Hedgehogs
A.C. Buyse (05.03.2015) Presentation 'ECHR and Online Violent Speech
A.C. Buyse (24.03.2015) Presentation 'Human Rights and Conflict'
A.C. Buyse (01.04.2015) Presentation on freedom of expression
A.C. Buyse (19.09.2015) Presentation on Freedom of Expression and Transitions
A.C. Buyse (14.09.2015) Presentation on human rights and the limits of open societies
A.C. Buyse (04.11.2015) Presentation on Jekyll and Hyde in Strasbourg
A.C. Buyse (23.10.2015) Seminar Positieve Verplichtingen en het EVRM
  2014 - Articles
Buyse, A.C. (2014). Dangerous Expressions: The ECHR, Violence and Free Speech. International and comparative law quarterly, 63, (pp. 491-503) (13 p.).
Dibbets, Alicia & Buyse, Antoine (2014). Kader voor de Crisis - Een toetsingskader voor overheidsmaatregelen die raken aan sociaal-economische mensenrechten. Nederlands Juristenblad, 2014 (38 ), (pp. 2703-2707).
Buyse, Antoine (2014). Words of Violence: “Fear Speech,” or How Violent Conflict Escalation Relates to the Freedom of Expression. Human Rights Quarterly, 36 (4), (pp. 779-797) (19 p.).
  2014 - Book parts / chapters
Buyse, A.C. (2014). Contested contours: the limits of freedom of expression from an abuse of rights perspective: Articles 10 and 17 ECHR. In E. Brems & J. Gerards (Eds.), Shaping Rights in the ECHR. The Role of the European Court of Human Rights in Determining the Scope of Human Rights (pp. 183-208) (26 p.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Buyse, A.C. (2014). De Rode Ster van Attila. In Niels Blokker, Stefaan van den Bogaert, Nelleke Koffeman, Titia Loenen & Pinar Ölcer (Eds.), Vijftig juridische opstellen voor een Leidse nachtwacht (pp. 73-78) (5 p.). Den Haag: Boom Juridisch.
  2014 - Reports
  2014 - Lectures
A.C. Buyse (10.12.2014) Keynote speech op Rondetafelconferentie. Titel: ‘Mensenrechtenactieplannen – wetenschappelijk perspectief’
  2013 - Book parts / chapters
Buyse, A.C. (2013). Significantly Insignificant? The Life in the Margins of the Admissibility Criterion in Article 35 § 3 (b) ECHR. In B. McGonigle Leyh, Y. Haeck, C. Burbano Herrera & D. Contreras Garduno (Eds.), The realization of human rights: when theory meets practice. Studies in honour of Leo Zwaak Cambridge: Intersentia.
Buyse, A.C. (2013). The Court’s Ears and Arms: National Human Rights Institutions and the European Court of Human Rights. In J. Wouters & K. Meuwissen (Eds.), National Human Rights Institutions in Europe. Comparative, European and International Perspectives (pp. 173-186) (14 p.). Cambridge: Intersentia.
  2012 - Articles
Buyse, A.C. (27.02.2012). All at sea: Italy mistreated Mediterranean migrants. Guardian newspaper online
Buyse, A.C. (27.01.2012). Het begint met het buitensluiten op het schoolplein. DUB
Buyse, A.C. (2012). Post-Conflict Housing Restitutions, in: Susan J. Smith, Marja Elsinga, Lorna Fox O’Mahony, Ong Seow Eng, Susan Wachter, Sasha Tsenkova (eds.), International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home, Vol 5., Oxford. Elsevier, (pp. 336-339) (4 p.).
Buyse, A.C. & Gerards, J.H. (2012). Prioriteiten of lacunes? (redactioneel). NJCM-Bulletin, (pp. 657-659) (3 p.).
  2012 - Book parts / chapters
Buyse, A.C. (2012). Hybrid Human Rights Mechanisms in Post-Conflict Transitions. The Experience of the Bosnian Human Rights Chamber. In N. Palmer, P. Clark & D. Granville (Eds.), Critical Perspectives in Transitional Justice (pp. 175-194) (20 p.). Cambridge: Intersentia.
Buyse, A.C. (2012). Loss and Destruction of Property. Post-Conflict Human Rights Responses from an ECHR Perspective. In I. Boerefijn, L. Henderson, R. Janse & R. Weaver (Eds.), Human Rights and Conflict. Essays in Honour of Bas de Gaay Fortman (pp. 459-481) (23 p.). Cambridge: Intersentia.
Buyse, A.C. (2012). Virtuous Flexibility – The Application of International Human Rights Norms by the Bosnian Human Rights Chamber. In E. Kristjánsdóttor, A. Nollkaemper & C. Ryngaert (Eds.), International Law in Domestic Courts: Rule of Law Reform in Post-Conflict States (pp. 175-194) (20 p.). Cambridge: Intersentia.
  2012 - Book editorship
Lintel, Ida, Buyse, A.C. & Mc Gonigle, B.N. (2012). Defending Human Rights: Tools for Social Justice. Antwerp: Intersentia.
  2012 - Annotations
Buyse, A.C. (16.04.2012). 2012, , (Annotatie EHRM, Janowiec e.a. t. Rusland).
  2011 - Articles
Buyse, A.C. (20.09.2011). Europees Hof voor de Rechten van de Mens. Wall Street Journal
  2011 - Books
Buyse, A.C. & Hamilton, M. (2011). Transitional Jurisprudence and the ECHR. Justice, Politics, and Rights. (317 p.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  2011 - Book parts / chapters
Buyse, A.C. & Hamilton, M. (2011). Conclusions. In A.C. Buyse & M. Hamilton (Eds.), Transitional Jurisprudence and the ECHR. Justice, Politics, and Rights (pp. 286-300) (15 p.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Buyse, A.C. & Hamilton, M. (2011). Introduction. In A.C. Buyse & M. Hamilton (Eds.), Transitional Jurisprudence and the ECHR. Justice, Politics, and Rights (pp. 1-23) (23 p.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Buyse, A.C. (2011). Loss of the Home During Armed Conflict. ECHR Case Law on Destruction, Eviction and Denial of Access. In L. Fox-O'Mahoney & J. Sweeney (Eds.), Home: Displacement and Dispossession (pp. 195-210) (16 p.). Farnham: Ashgate.
Buyse, A.C. (2011). The Truth, the Past, and the Present. Article 10 ECHR and Situations of Transition. In A.C. Buyse & M. Hamilton (Eds.), Transitional Jurisprudence and the ECHR. Justice, Politics and Rights (pp. 131-150) (20 p.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Buyse, A.C. (2011). Van woorden naar daden? Het EVRM, de vrijheid van meningsuiting en conflictescalatie. In G. Molier, A. Ellian & T. Zwart (Eds.), Mag ik dit zeggen? Beschouwingen over de vrijheid van meningsuiting Amsterdam: Boom.
  2011 - Lectures
A.C. Buyse (01.09.2011) Lezing ‘Het Europees Hof voor de Rechten van de Mens: lichtend Baken of Monster?’
  2010 - Articles
Buyse, A.C. (2010). Straatsburgse echo’s in Genève? De invloed van EHRM-jurisprudentie op het VN-Mensenrechtencomité. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor de Mensenrechten, 35 (7), (pp. 741-753) (13 p.).
Buyse, A.C. (2010). The pioneer is no longer alone. Newsletter School of Human Rights Research, 14 (4), (pp. 2-3) (2 p.).
  2010 - Books
Addink, G.H., Anthony, G., Buyse, A.C. & Flinterman, C. (2010). Human Rights & Good Governance. (145 p.). Utrecht: SIM.
Addink, G.H., Anthony, G., Buyse, A.C. & Flinterman, C. (2010). Sourcebook human rights & good governance. (235 p.). Utrecht: Universiteit Utrecht.
  2010 - Book parts / chapters
Buyse, A.C. (2010). Airborne or Bound to Crash? The Rise of Pilot Judgments and Their Appeal as a Tool to Deal with the Aftermath of Armed Conflict. In A.C. Buyse (Eds.), Margins of Conflict. The ECHR and Transitions to and From Armed Conflict (pp. 175-196) (22 p.). Antwerp/Oxford: Intersentia.
Buyse, A.C. (2010). Airborne or bound to crash? The rise of pilot judgments and their appeal as a tool to deal with the aftermath of conflict. In A. Buyse (Eds.), Margins of conflict. The ECHR and transitions to and from armed conflict (pp. 175-196) (22 p.). Antwerp: Intersentia.
Buyse, A.C. (2010). Piercing the tattered veil: Housing restitution in Bosnia as a case study of researching human rights with the help of international relations theory. In C.C. Eriksen & M. Emberland (Eds.), The New International Law. An Anthology (The Raoul Wallenberg Institute Human Rights Library) (pp. 51-69) (19 p.). Den Haag: Martinus Nijhoff.
  2010 - Book editorship
Buyse, A.C. (2010). Margins of conflict. The ECHR and transitions to and from armed conflict. (196 p.). Antwerpen: Intersentia.
  2010 - Annotations
Buyse, A.C. (2010). 2010, , (Gäfgen v. Germany (Grand Chamber)).
Buyse, A.C. (2010). 2010, , (Kinderen in de kou. Gebrek aan onderdaksgarantie minderjarige illegalen schendt ESH).
  2009 - Articles
Buyse, A.C. (2009). Home Sweet Home? Restitution in Post-Conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina. Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights, 27-1 (2009), (pp. 9-26) (17 p.).
Buyse, A.C. (2009). The Pilot Judgment Procedure at the European Court of Human Rights: Possibilities and Challenges. Nomiko Vima, 57 (8), (pp. 1913-1927) (14 p.).
  2009 - Book parts / chapters
Buyse, A.C. (2009). The Other Path to Peace: Restitution as a Method to Undo Past Injustice. In C. Ryngaert (Eds.), The Effectiveness of International Criminal Justice (pp. 257-278) (21 p.). Antwerpen: Intersentia.
  2009 - Book reviews
Buyse, A.C. (2009). Bookreview Post-War Restoration of Property Rights under International Law. Netherlands International Law Review, 56, (pp. 273-276) (4 p.).
  2009 - Annotations
Buyse, A.C. (2009). EHRC 2009, , (Balsyte Lideikiene v. Lithuania (freedom of speech)).
  2008 - Articles
Buyse, A.C. (2008). A Legal Minefield – The Territorial Scope of the European Convention. Inter-American and European Human Rights Journal, 2008 (2), (pp. 269-296) (27 p.).
Buyse, A.C. (2008). Lost and regained? Restitution as a remedy for human rights Violations in the context of international law. Heidelberg Journal of International Law (Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht), 68 (2008), (pp. 129-153) (24 p.).
Buyse, A.C. & Lawson, R. (2008). State Recognition: Admission (Im)Possible. Leiden Journal of International Law, 20 (2007), (pp. 57-67) (10 p.).
Buyse, A.C. (2008). Stoelendans om huizen. Het recht op huizenteruggave in post-conflictsituaties. NJCM-Bulletin, 33 (2008), (pp. 485-497) (12 p.).
  2008 - Book parts / chapters
Buyse, A.C. (2008). L’union fait la force. Post-conflict housing restitution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In R. de Lange (Eds.), Aspects of transitional justice and human rights, Proceedings of the 2006 Annual conference of the Netherlands School of Human Rights (pp. 53-64) (11 p.). Nijmegen: X.
  2007 - Articles
Buyse, A.C. & Lawson, R.A. (2007). State Recognition: (Ad)mission Impossible. Leiden Journal of International Law, 20 (4), (pp. 57-67) (11 p.).
  2007 - Book parts / chapters
Buyse, A.C. (2007). L'union fait la force. Post-Conflict Housing Restitution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In R. de Lange (Eds.), Aspects of Transitional Justice and Human Rights (pp. 53-64) (12 p.). Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers.
  0 - Lectures
A.C. Buyse () Conference chair of half of the program me
A.C. Buyse () EU Accession to the ECHR
A.C. Buyse () Framing and Fear Speech
A.C. Buyse () Human Rights in Europe
A.C. Buyse () Presentatie
A.C. Buyse () Presentatie
A.C. Buyse () Presentatie
A.C. Buyse () Toetreding EU tot EVRM – het EHRM-perspectief
A.C. Buyse () Words of Violence
A.C. Buyse () Words of Violence – freedom of expression and conflict escalation
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Completed projects

Citizenship 3.0 – Towards a new understanding of the role of citizens in our 21st century society 01.01.2013 to 01.07.2015
General project description

The vitality and sustainability of institutions are under constant pressure in a globalizing world. This does not only call for changes within these institutions themselves, but also for new roles for citizens. In a series of seminars, Utrecht University’s interdisciplinary research group ‘Institutions: Understanding the Dynamics of Open Societies’ aims to critically address the new functions, roles and challenges for citizens in the 21st century in terms of responding to some of the many problems they are facing (e.g. poverty, unemployment, housing problems, welfare decline and socio-economic problems, financial crisis, global environmental crisis) and the development of political, social and economic democracy. The seminars are organized in cooperation with and under the aegis of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in Amsterdam.

Each seminar is designed as a multidisciplinary event and will focus on a different dimension of Citizenship 3.0, viz. Cooperation, Participation, and Governance. The focus of the first dimension, Cooperation, was on the growing prevalence of informal, horizontal forms of cooperation by active, self-organizing citizens who seek to promote the collective interests of the participants in the absence of any government intervention. The Participation dimension focused on the new and increasingly direct ways in which groups of citizens are participating in democratic processes with a view to influencing governmental policies so as to further their interests. In the Governance dimension, the focus will be on the growing role for citizens, whether individually or collectively, when it comes to protecting or promoting public interests in a more institutionalized manner.

The final conference of the Citizen 3.0-project will take place on March 13, 2015. For more information, see:

Role Researcher Funding
External funding
Project members UU


- human rights
- ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights
- reparations for human rights violations in post-conflict societies
- housing rights
- freedom of expression
- human rights and conflict studies
- transitional justice

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Currently Prof. dr. Antoine Buyse teaches the following course(s):
GKMV16023 Ges-The Conflict-Human Rights Nexus V M 5.0
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Additional functions and activities
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Prof. dr. A.C. Buyse Contact details
Achter Sint Pieter

Achter Sint Pieter 200
Room 1.25
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 8510
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