As a policy advisor at the bachelor program Biomedical Sciences I work on policy but also educational innovation, especially with regards to education for sustainable development. After graduation our alumni enter a more and more sustainable society, so they need to be equipped to contribute to this. This entails knowledge about the inter-relatedness of human and environmental health (Planetary Health), the skills to make the biomedical sector more sustainable, and to reflect on their own responsibilities as a biomedical scientist but also as a human being. Combining top-down and bottom-up initiatives I integrate topics such as systems thinking, Planetary Health and animal-free innovation into the curricula of Biomedical Sciences and other programs within the Faculty of Medicine. Together with UU colleagues I also founded the Special Interest Group 'Sustainbility in education' to enable teachers across the UU to exchange good and bad practices and inspiring educational examples. 

Besides my work as a policy advisor I am part-time employed as Environmental Affairs Coordinator for the Educational Division of the UMC Utrecht.