Anestis Amanatidis

Innovation and Sustainability

I work in interdisciplinary projects that relate to wider questions about how to govern science and technology well. These questions take various forms across multiple themes: take research assessment, for instance, and ask about what is made (in)visible by the way research(ers) are assessed and how research infrastructures, in which knowledge is produced, contribute to enabling or disabling certain ideas of research. Or take the complex relationship between science and society into account and ask what knowledge is needed to respond to pressing societal issues, and whose issues is the knowledge produced in universities and research institutes solving, whose issues are dismissed? I get to ask these questions in research projects that come under the banners of 'Open Science', 'Responsible Research and Innovation', 'Responsible Research Assessment' and more; and ask them by drawing inspiration from a wide pallette of perspectives that are rooted in science and technology studies, philosophy of technology and design. I do this work as part of a double contract between Leiden University (Centre for Science and Technology Studies) and Utrecht University (Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development).