Biomedical Research Lab

This interdisciplinary lab course gives you a realistic insight into the life of a biomedical researcher. We provide advanced bachelor students (with backgrounds in medicine and/or life sciences) the opportunity to conduct authentic and real-world biomedical research in small interdisciplinary groups. The research is conducted in a well-equipped (wet) laboratory and focuses on urgent medical cases or ongoing translational medicine research problems. Each group will study the same hypothesis from different perspectives by applying different research methods. At the end of the course, you will collectively write a short research report and present the outcomes of your project.

3 juli 2023
2 weeks
Utrecht Summerschool

This course will be part of the Utrecht Summer School 2023. In the following months the new course information will be uploaded. Please visit the Summer School website in early 2023 to learn more about the topics, assessment, course aim, study load and application procedure.

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