Onze biodiversiteitsprojecten vind je in de inhoudsopgave aan de linkerkant

Even if you don't fancy yourself an environmentalist, it's important to recognise that the programmes and policies a university adopts can greatly impact your quality of life (not to mention the future of the planet). That is why we have a committee that specifically targets the green spaces on campus and works hard to make it a better place for all inhabitants. The newest project is that we are working on Tiny Forest on campus! Next to this we also have ongoing activtities. We host several adopt-a-plant events and you can always drop our office to pick up one of the baby spider plants.

Tiny Forest

For Green Office's fifth birthday, we received a wonderful birthday present from Utrecht University: a Tiny Forest on campus! The planting of the forest is made possible by the Executive Board and the department of Real Estate & Campus. A Tiny Forest is a dense, indigenous forest with the size of a tennis court. It’s a great place for butterflies, birds, bees, small mammals, and humans! It can be used as an outdoor classroom and a healthy meeting place. A tiny forest provides cooling on hot days, more biodiversity and water storage during heavy rainfall. Click here for more information.


Adopt a Plant Green Office Utrecht Botanic Gardens
How are you growing in the botanical gardens

Did you know that plants not only reduce stress, but also contribute to the air qualityand can diffract or absorb noise pollution? This gave us enough reason to not only fill our own office with plants, but also wanting to give our colleagues an easy way to make to make their own office spaces greener. Thus, we have come up with the Adopt a plant project, where we nurture cuttings from other plants until they are big enough to be adopted. So you can just come by our office, and ask to adopt a plant! Together with the shop How are you growing? in the botanical gardens we also host adopt a plant events. Read more on how to take care of your plant.