Pay It Forward - University College Utrecht 2020

Every year the Utrecht University Fund calls on alumni, Friends, employees and students to contribute to scholarships, and different projects centring around education, research, academic heritage and student life.

This year, we ask for your support for these three goals:

Contribute to UCU Scholarships

Not everyone can afford an education at the University College Utrecht (UCU). With your contribution UCU is able to award scholarships to highly qualified incoming students. Additionally, this makes the study and living environment for all students more diverse.


As a fortunate awardee of the UCU scholarship, I can wholeheartedly say that it made an unequivocal contribution to my career path.

Otilia Ciobanu ucu scholarship
Otilia Ciobanu (class of 2012)

Contribute to Rosemary Orr Scholarships

The Rosemary Orr Scholarship Fund aims to provide financial assistance to students who have demonstrated perseverance and leadership amidst adversity. Your donation contributes to the continuity of the Rosemary Orr Scholarship.


From the curriculum flexibility to the campus atmosphere, everything that makes UCU has impacted my world view greatly and made my goals clearer. Education is a type of investment and I think it is the best kind of investment.

Aysu Amaha Ozturk-Rosemary Orr Scholarship
Aysu Amaha Oztürk (Recipient Rosemary Orr Scholarship 2019)

Contribute to UCU East Africa internships

During UCU East Africa internships, students learn about the practice of development and collaborate with organisations in East Africa to strengthen their programmes and services to local communities. With your help this programme will be able to continue.


It is a privilege to study East African society from so close and to see the world changing in front of your eyes, brought alive through observations, stories, personal contacts and friendships.

UCU East Africa internships
UCU in East Africa participant