Practical CLIL for Starters

Are you new or relatively new to CLIL and want to improve your CLIL teaching methodology? This is a practical course in content and language integrated learning, specially designed for all subject teachers who are new or relatively new to CLIL. The emphasis is on experiencing a variety fo CLIL focused activities and creating your own ideas and materials for lessons.

Topics can include but are not limited to:

•    Introduction to CLIL
•    Understanding and evaluating input 
•    Devising active learning lessons
•    Speaking and writing in CLIL
•    Personal professional development.


After having followed this course you will know what CLIL is and how to practically apply it in your classroom.

Target group

Most useful for teachers in TTO- or bilingual/international education who have recently started with TTO/bilingual teaching


This course has not been scheduled. Please contact Ada Kool if you are interested.




Upon sucessful completion of the Indivudal Coaching or Group Coaching- as determined by attendance, participation and application, a certificate is awarded. 


This course is validated by 'Registerleraar' for 32 hours. 

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