Research planning and time management / Onderzoeksplanning en timemanagement (English / Nederlands)

PhD students are expected to manage increasingly demanding research, administrative and teaching obligations. In practice, these demands mean that it can be hard to balance research and other duties and to find focus and set priorities. This training helps you to improve your planning and time management skills. Instruments for making a long and short term planning, monitoring the progress and quality of your research and prioritising will be discussed and practiced.

Related topics such as working style, causes of stress, procrastination and the relation with the supervisor, will be adressed as well. During the workshop session (or in advance) participants make assignments on which they will receive feedback. There is also enough room to share experiences and ideas. More personal topics and individual feedback is discussed in an individual meeting. After the workshop, appointments for individual consultation are made.

The training is open for all PhD students.


This training has not been planned yet.


The course is taught in English or in Dutch, depending on the participants.


The costs are €275,-


The course represents 0.5 EC.


You can apply by sending in the application form.

Contact and information

For more information, please contact Angela Markenhof:
030-253 1968