Presenting your research at conferences (in English)

This course, which is taught in English, will address the following topics:

  • How to prepare a presentation (determining the aim of the presentation; considering the audience; deciding on content & structure)
  • How to give a presentation (verbal and nonverbal aspects; stress management; audiovisual materials)
  • How to participate in an international conference (intercultural communication; formulating and answering questions; taking part in a discussion; chairing a session)
  • Special attention will be paid to tips & tricks for non-native speakers of English (pronunciation, use of compensation strategies etc.)

Participants give two presentations each and will receive extensive feedback; their contributions will also be videotaped. Participants will also practice other roles they may be asked to play at international conferences.


  • This course will probably be scheduled in the spring of 2018.

The course is in English.


The costs are €775,- (UU staff) / €920,- (other participants).


This course represents 0.5 EC.

More information

Please contact Educational Development & Training:
030 253 2261