Supervising student research is a complicated process. What is the best way to supervise a bachelor or master thesis depends on many factors: the abilities of the student, the type of research, the research phase (the startup, data collection or analysis, the final writing part) and of course the abilities of the supervisor. In this course, participants will work on expanding their own repertoire. We offer tools and guidelines for designing personal supervising strategies and for coping with frequently occurring problems related to assessment of competences, motivating students, dealing with delay and so on. Besides our knowledge derived from empirical research, we use ‘good practices’ and participants’ own experiences as a main resource. At the end of the course participants are able to apply effective supervising strategies and use their time efficiently.

The course is open for beginning supervisors as well as advanced supervisors of all disciplines in Higher Education.


  • 19 September, 10 and 31 October, 21 November 2017 (all Tuesdays from 9.30-12.30 hrs)


The costs are €750,- (UU/UMC staff) / €810,- (other participants).


Please fill in the application form. Registration is possible until 4 September 2017. 

Contact and information

For more information please contact Claudy Oomen:
PhD candidates of the UU faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences contact Ellen Rooseboom (HR).