Incluusion conferentie

In 2019 organiseerde Incluusion voor de derde keer een conferentie. Hieronder staat in het Engels beschreven wat de insteek van het programma was en waar de workshops over gingen.

Journeys into Identity - 2019

On 21 June 2019 Incluusion hosted their third conference Journeys into Identity. How do refugees navigate ‘old’ and ‘new’ identities? What influence does labeling and stigmatization have on the lives of refugees? What role do education and communities play in shaping one’s identity? During the conference refugee students and international speakers tackled these questions. The conference consisted of a plenary session followed by several workshops. On this page you can rewatch the talks and performances by Seema Samara, Naema Tahir, Thana Faroq and Roos Beerkens.

This video gives an impression of the Incluusion conference 2019. Video by Dyzlo.


Identity and community

Your identity is personal, but it’s not something that is only formed by yourself. You are always in contact with a larger community. Our community changes our identity just as much as our identity shapes the community that we are part of. During this workshop participants were asked to express their own community through art and visual representations.

Identity and education

How can education impact the lives of newcomers? How and what effects does education bring about to one's identity? In a game and in an interesting discussion this workshop tackled the interplay between identity and education.

Negotiating identities: new, old and inbetween

Refugees, or academic papers about refugees, often talk about them having ‘new’ and ‘old’ cultural identities, shaped by their home country and their country of residence, but in practice it is never that black and white. Identity is something that is dependent on context. In this workshop, Incluusion students and participants looked at how identities can develop and how people deal with having different identities.

The refugee label

The word refugee can mean different things to different people, but it often has a negative connotation. During this workshop Incluusion students talked about their personal experiences with navigating Dutch society and having been labelled as a refugee.

Media, politics and stigmatization

In the media and politics there is a lot of talk about refugees yet people rarely hear a refugee’s own voice or story. During this workshop Incluusion students shared the experiences they had with the media, politics and stigmatization.

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