Visiting Scholars

The Centre for Academic Teaching (CAT) provides the possibility to host visiting academics as Visiting Scholars at Utrecht University. Visits can last between two weeks and three months.

What is a Visiting Scholar?

The positions are intended for staff employed at a recognised university that have, or are interested in pursuing, a collaboration with teaching staff at Utrecht University, or for PhD candidates in educational research programmes who are interested in setting up an elective learning experience by research collaboration. 

During their visit, scholars are considered members of the Centre for Academic Teaching community and will have numerous opportunities to engage with UU staff as well as to participate in CAT activities. For more information about the Centre for Academic Teaching, click here.

How to become a Visiting Scholar at Utrecht University?

Visiting scholars must specify a goal for their visit; e.g. participation in teaching, skill development, educational innovation, educational research in higher education or other scholarly projects relevant to academic teaching, in collaboration with UU teaching staff.

Scholars who wish to visit the Centre need to have a counterpart (liaison) at Utrecht University. Any affiliated scholar of the CAT (board members, Senior Fellows or affiliated faculty) can function as a counterpart during the visit. Requests for a stay as Visiting Scholar will be submitted by the Visiting Scholar, together with their UU counterpart.

Application process

Visiting Scholars may apply for partial funding of travel expenses and accommodation. The compensation will be based on costs actually incurred and is limited to:

  • accommodation (e.g. hotel for short stay, apartment for longer stay), up to a reasonable amount and with a maximum of €100 a night or €1,500 a month. The CAT office may offer help in finding a suitable option and could book directly to avoid pre-expenses for the Visiting Scholar;
  • travel costs – based on economy-class tickets, with a maximum of €750 within Europe or €1,250 outside Europe;
  • a welcome lunch/dinner organised and claimed by the UU counterpart (maximum of four people)

The application consists of:

  • a letter of intent, indicating the established period of the visit, research plan, objectives, what the Visiting Scholar would like to get out of his/her visit and who will supervise/oversee the visit;
  • an up-to-date curriculum vitae;
  • a biographical sketch (including picture) and a brief summary of the plans for the visit, to be published on the CAT website;
  • two letters of recommendation; one should be from the person that the Visiting Scholar report to at home, the other from the UU counterpart;
  • a declaration of the availability and agreement of UU teaching staff (minimally Assistant Professor position, preferably a CAT scholar) to act as counterpart or supervisor.

At the end of the visit, Visiting Scholars will submit a short written report of their experience to the CAT board, including a summary/testimonial for the CAT website.


Applications can be sent to the board of the Centre for Academic Teaching ( Within two months’ time, applicants are notified of the decision on their eligibility and the possibility of funding. A committee consisting of two board members and a member of the CAT management team will select the Visiting Scholars. An interview via Skype, by telephone or in person may be part of the selection procedure.

For more information, contact the Centre for Academic Teaching (