25 november 2016
Utrecht University’s sustainability research has the greatest impact worldwide, concludes Times Higher Education.
3 november 2016
Utrecht University will work with Eindhoven to deploy apps to make people aware of the role public space can play for the improvement of their health.
31 oktober 2016
With amongst others fascinating keynote speakers and impressive posters we can look back on a successful Sustainability Conference 2016 with pride.
Marco Helbich
13 september 2016
Dr Marco Helbich has received an ERC Starting Grant for investigating the influence of mobility on depression and suicide.
12 september 2016
Keynote speakers, call for posters and registration
12 augustus 2016
Combining GPS and accelerometers to assess where pre-schoolers are (in)active
27 juli 2016
Maartje Poelman from Utrecht University is investigating how an abundant availability of food in our immediate environment has influence on our eating habits.
29 juni 2016
Six Game Research seed money grants were awarded to multidisciplinary teams of researchers.
Domotica bedieningspaneel
13 juni 2016
Advanced technology has not yet been fully mobilised to make homes age-friendly say researchers from Utrecht University among others.
Project: Close Encounters
20 mei 2016
EU ambassadors experience games for green, healthy, and smart region