1 april 2015

Summerschool 'Mathematics Education' 2015

The focus of the “Mathematics Education” course is: bringing participants up-to-date in curriculum development and research in the field of mathematics education; refreshing and deepening the knowledge of mathematics education. Topics will include: curriculum development, revealing talents of children, classroom experiments, emergent modeling, context-based teaching approaches, use of technology, assessment.

The Summer School on Mathematics Education offers a blend of lectures, seminars and workshops on educational research and development in the fields of pre-primary, primary and secondary mathematics education, including special needs education. The program will be tailored towards the diverse interests of master’s students, teachers, curriculum developers, and researchers.

This summer school is organized by the Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education together with the Research Cluster Educational & Learning Sciences of Utrecht University. The staff members of both groups are experts in mathematics education with a focus on realistic mathematics education (RME), context-based approaches (CBA), and curriculum development.