27 april 2012

Ton Hoenselaars

Shakespeare and the Language of Translation - revised edition

On the occasion of Prof. Ton Hoenselaars Sam Wanamaker Fellowship at Shakespeare's Globe in London this year, The Arden Shakespeare has published a revised edition in paperback of his ‘Shakespeare and the Language of Translation’ (first edition 2004).

Shakespeare's international status as a literary icon is largely based on his masterful use of the English language, yet beyond Britain his plays and poems are read and performed mainly in translation. Shakespeare and the Language of Translation addresses this apparent contradiction and is the first major survey of its kind. 

Covering the many ways in which the translation of Shakespeare's works is practised and studied from Bulgaria to Japan, South Africa to Germany, it also discusses the translation of Macbeth into Scots and of Romeo and Juliet into British Sign Language. The collection places renderings of Shakespeare's works aimed at the page and the stage in their multiple cultural contexts, including gender, race and nation, as well as personal and postcolonial politics.

Shakespeare's impact on nations and cultures all around the world is increasingly a focus for study and debate. As a result, the international performance of Shakespeare and Shakespeare in translation have become areas of growing popularity for both under- and post-graduate study, for which this book provides a valuable companion.

Ton Hoenselaars is Professor of Early Modern English Literature and Culture at the English Department of Utrecht University. He is the founding Chairman of the Shakespeare Society of the Low Countries (SGNV) and President of the European Shakespeare Research Association (ESRA). His books include Shakespeare's History Plays (Cambridge University Press, 2004) and Shakespeare and the Language of Translation (Arden, 2004). Hoenselaars is the Sam Wanamaker Fellow at Shakespeare’s Globe in London for the 2012 theatre season.

Sam Wanamaker, an American actor, director and producer, was the founder of the project to build Shakespeare's Globe. He died in 1993 after 23 years of tireless campaigning, advancing research into the appearance of the original Globe and planning its reconstruction.

Title: Shakespeare and the Language of Translation - revised edition
Author(s): Ton Hoenselaars
isbn: 9781408179741
Price: online price £15.29
Publisher: 2012, The Arden Shakespeare, A&C Black Publishers