16 maart 2020

Data Management Plan templates UU and UMC Utrecht goedgekeurd door NWO

Engelstalig nieuwsbericht:

In January 2020, NWO introduced a new data management plan (DMP) template. This template is in line with Science Europe’s Core Requirements for Data Management Plans and defines a minimum set of questions that must be addressed. Conveniently, institutional DMP templates, approved by NWO, may be used instead. The DMP templates of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht are one of the first to be approved. These templates offer more Utrecht specific examples and guidance.

FAIR data

All researchers starting a new project are required to complete a DMP. This will help researchers think about the data they will collect and facilitate its reuse by delineating how they will make their data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) during and after the project.

Institutional DMP templates

Project leaders have since January 2020 the option to use a DMP template from their own research institution, as long as that template has been approved by NWO. Researchers at Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht are now encouraged to use their institutional DMP template instead of the NWO DMP template.


Just as NWO, Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht advise to complete the DMP through DMPonline. This tool helps to create, review and share DMPs. And it includes institutional specific examples and guidance. As always, the Research Data Management Support of UU and the division data managers at UMCU are available to review your DMP.


ZonMw already used this policy and approves the templates of UU and UMC.