My research focuses on the sustainability assessment of (novel) technology developed in the context of the Circular Economy and the Bio-based Economy, the two focus areas that will provide important pathways towards a sustainable material production and consumption in the future. 

I am curious about how things are made, how we use them and where they end up.  As a scientist, I ask myself: if a novel technology can help to reduce the environmental impacts, can we understand those impacts at the earliest technology development phase? What are the trade-offs?  How to quantify them?

Driven by the curiosity of this economy-environment interaction, my research projects cover a broad range of technology assessments, focusing on the environemtnal impact assessment (using life cycle assessment as the tool, for example) and system economics (e.g. techno-economic analysis) of bio-based chemicals, bio-based plastics, plastics recycling, waste management systems, composite materials and nano-materials. 

I am the responsible teacher of the course Advanced Energy Analysis in the Master Programme Energy Science. 

You will also find me teaching in various courses (e.g. Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainable Resources Use) in the Bachelor programme Global Sustainability Science.

Every year I accomondate a number of master thesis projects from ES, SD-EM and SBI. If you are interested in material sustainability and their implication for the future energy transition, feel free to contact by email.