Gerdien Steenbeek has been assistent professor of anthropology at Utrecht University since 1992. Before, she was a member of  the Centre of Women and Autonomy of the University of Leiden (1987-1988) and of the Centre of Latin American Studies in Amsterdam (Cedla) in Amsterdam (1988-1991) . She has conducted fieldwork in Mexico on the construction and meanings of gender and women’s work in maquiladoras. Since its founding in 1979 Gerdien has been an active member of Lova and between 2002 and 2010 she was the co-President of the Netherlands Association of Gender and Feminist Anthropology (Lova). In 2003 her qualities in academic teaching were rewarded when she received the title of Best Senior Professor of Utrecht University.  At this moment Gerdien is teaching several courses in Anthropology (undergraduate and research master) and at the department of Liberal Arts & Sciences. She is coordinator of the Honours Programme of Cultural Anthropology, member of the Assessment Committee of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Head of the Examination Board of the Undergraduate School of the Faculty of Social Sciences. In 2017 students of the bachelor and master programmes of anthropology named her best teacher. 

Anthropology of gender, intersections of gender, ethnicity and sexuality – in relation to : the body, machismo, violence, multiculturalism, globalization. Qualitative research methods
Regional interests: Latin America (especially Mexico and Guatemala), Europe (espcially the Netherlands).

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• Gender, Power and Multiculturalism
• Qualitative Research Methods
• Ethnography and Theory in Anthropology
• Globalization: a multidisciplinary approach (Liberal Arts & Sciences)
• Supervisor fieldwork and thesis Bachelor project (Guatemala)
• Supervisor fieldwork and thesis Master Anthropology: Multiculturalism in Comparative Perspective.
• Tutor students Honours Programme Cultural Anthropology

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