Prof. dr. Esther Stouthamer

Vening Meineszgebouw A
Princetonlaan 8a
Kamer -
3584 CB Utrecht

Prof. dr. Esther Stouthamer

030 253 5772

My research focuses on the Holocene natural and human-influenced evolution of deltas over time scales ranging from 10 to 106 years.


The general aims are:

  1. to determine and quantify the relative contributions of external forcings (tectonics, climate, sea level, water- and sediment inputs) and internal controls (e.g., avulsion, compaction, morphological succession) on the long-term development of deltas;
  2. to identify the key processes that control the long-term development of the delta;
  3. to quantify and predict the development of the 3D alluvial architecture of river deltas and the associated reservoir characteristics.

An important aspect of the overall aim is to investigate the evolution of the Rhine-Meuse delta over various time scales from the Tertiary to the present. The Rhine-Meuse delta and the database obtained from this delta forms a unique dataset enabling to study generic characteristics and controls in the evolution of deltas world-wide.

I am co-leader of the Water, Climate & Future Deltas Community within the UU strategic theme Pathways to Sustainability.