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Since January 2014, Ivan Flis has been a PhD cadidate at the Descartes Centre at Utrecht University. His project deals with the history of the development of theories and research practices in international psychology in the second part of the 20th century. 

Ivan's project aims to chart the development of research techniques and theories that were and are used in psychology. The research deals with the internalist debates of what is 'proper science' within psychology, the sectarian debates of discipline identity and fractionation that have been happening for decades, and the role theories and theoretical constructs play within this. His perspectives on this development of psychology as a discipline are informed by history of science, philosophy of (social) science, scientometrics, cultural history, and science and technology studies. In short, he looks at the interaction of methodologies and theories, and what meta-perspectives and disciplinary meta-narratives arise out of those debates.

Ivan obtained his bachelor and master degree in psychology at the Centre for Croatian Studies at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. His master thesis dealt with the psychology students' understanding of significance testing at Croatian universities, trying to contextualize what the students were taught about significance testing in the wider debates between the frequentist and Bayesian camps.

He currently serves as a member of the editorial board of Shells and Pebbles, a blog on history of science.

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Alle publicaties
  2017 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Flis, I. (06-04-2017) Participant 23rd Ramiro and Zoran Bujas Days Zagreb (06-04-2017 - 08-04-2017) Razgraničavanje jedne discipline: Data-mining stotina psihologijskih časopisa (1950-1999)
Flis, I. (12-01-2017) Organiser 6th History of Science PhD Conference De Glind (12-01-2017 - 13-01-2017)
Flis, I. (12-07-2017) Participant ESHHS Conference 2017 Bari (12-07-2017 - 14-07-2017) Fifty years of introductions: Hilgard’s Introduction to Psychology(1950-1999)
Flis, Ivan & van Eck, Nees Jan (20-07-2017). Framing Psychology as a Discipline (1950-1999) - A Large-Scale Term Co-Occurrence Analysis of Scientific Literature in Psychology. History of Psychology (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved)..
Flis, I. (15-01-2017) Visiting researcher Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Research visit at Department of Philosophy & Centre d'Història de la Ciència (CEHIC), hosted by Thomas Sturm and Annette Mülberger.
Flis, I. (30-03-2017) Invited speaker Catholic University of Croatia Zašto je povijest psihologije dosadna? [Why is history of psychology so boring]
  2016 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Flis, Ivan, Steinová, Evina & Wouters, Paul (01-06-2016). Digital humanities are a two-way street. Isis, 107 (2), (pp. 346-348) (3 p.).
Flis, I. (06-05-2016). Instructional Manuals of Boundary-Work - Psychology textbooks, student subjectivities, and disciplinary historiographies. Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, 52 (3), (pp. 258–278).
Flis, I. (27-06-2016 27-07-2017) Participant Joint Meeting of ESHHS & Cheiron Barcelona (27-06-2016 - 01-07-2016) A discipline rises from the crises: the protracted null hypothesis testing discussion and replication crisis in psychology (1960-2000s)
  2015 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Flis, I. (28-02-2015) Participant PSI EGG One-day Conference for Early Career Psychologists Galway (28-02-2015) PSI EGG One-day Conference for Early Career Psychologists<br/><br/>Mapping the development of psychology
Flis, I. (07-07-2015) Participant 34th Annual Meeting of the European Society for the History of the Human Sciences Angers (07-07-2015 - 10-07-2015) 34th Annual Meeting of the European Society for the History of the Human Sciences<br/><br/>Four decades of disunity in psychology: A bibliometric approach
Flis, I. (19-06-2015) Participant 6th Gewina Meeting of Historians of Science in the Low Countries Zeist (19-06-2015 - 20-06-2015) Mapping four decades of psychology’s disunity – historical bibliometric analysis
Flis, I. (14-04-2015) Participant Bibliometric Network Analysis and Science Mapping Using VOSviewer Leiden (14-04-2015 - 15-04-2015)
  2014 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Flis, I. (27-04-2014 27-05-2014) Participant 28th EFSPA Congress Baile Felix (27-04-2014 - 04-05-2014) Blackboxing the Toolbox: The case of quantitative methodologies in psychology
Flis, I. (15-11-2014) Participant OpenCon 2014 Washington, DC (15-11-2014 - 17-11-2014)
  2012 - Vakpublicaties
Flis, I. (2012). U obranu psihologije - Znanost kao žrtva svoje metode. Diskrepancija, 11 (16/17), (pp. 67-82).
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