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My academic functions:

  • I am managing editor and editorial board-member for the international peer-reviewed journal Foundations of Physics.
  • I am managing editor for the international peer-reviewed journal Archive for History of Exact Sciences.
  • I am a lecturer at the Amsterdam University College. 
  • I am a member of the organising committee of the '19th UK and European Conference on Foundations of Physics'.


non-UU functions:

  • I am an international paraclimbing athlete.
  • I write a blog about the philosophy of physics and about conferences I go to. 



  • PhD dissertation 'Reichenbach: Probability & the A Priori - Has the Baby Been Thrown out with the Bathwater?' Jul, 2017
  • "Reichenbach’s Transcendental Probability", F.Benedictus & D.Dieks, Erkenn, Feb 2014
  • "Probability, Logic and Objectivity - The concept of probability of Carl Stumpf" -  F.Benedictus 2015 [Proceedings of the annual meeting of the 'Carl Stumpf Gesellschaft']
  •  "String Theory & the Scientific Method", F.Benedictus, Found Phys Mar 2014


Popular Science:

  •  My blog on travels to conferences & the philosophy of physics


Personal webpage:

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Curriculum vitae Download PDF

In the downloadable file you'll find my academic CV. A few facts about Fedde Benedictus you won't find in there:

  • Fedde has a disability as a result of a braintumour
  • Since 2016 Fedde is an international paraclimbing athlete
  • You can hire Fedde as a speaker via
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