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My main research interests are in the field of organizations and social inequality. I obtained my Masters degree (2009, cum laude) and Phd (2014) in sociology at Utrecht University. My current research concerns the consequences of new work and employment practices (such as contingent work, flexiblity practices) for workers' performance, well-being, and inequality. I am involved in the ERC-financed Sustainable Workforce project, a multi-country investigation of organizational investments in employees in Europe, and the Comparative Organizations and Inequality Network (COIN), an international collaboration studying the causes workplace wage inequality. In my doctoral research, I studied trends and determinants of social mobility in Hungary in the past and present.

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sociologie van arbeid en organisaties
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Alle publicaties
  Artikelen - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
van der Lippe, A.G. & Lippenyi, Z. (2017). Beyond formal access: organizational support, working from home, and work-life balance of men and women in European workplaces. Social Indicators Research
Lippenyi, Z. (2017). Contingent Work. Oxford Bibliographies in Sociology
Lippényi, Z. (2017). Contingent workers. Oxford Bibliographies in Sociology
van der Lippe, A.G. & Lippenyi, Z. (2017). Employees perform less when colleagues work from home: a large-scale analysis of 11011 employees in 259 work establishments in Europe. Human Relations
Jung, Jiwook, Lippenyi, Z. & Mun, Eunmi (2017). Gender wage inequality and volatile workplaces: a comparison of the Netherlands and South Korea. Social Forces
Lippenyi, Z. & van der Lippe, T. (2017). Similar jobs, different contracts: how does job similarity impact work performance in blended workplaces?. International Journal of Human Resource Management
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ten Berge, J.B., Lippenyi, Z., van der Lippe, A.G. & Goos, M. (2017). Technology implementation within enterprises and job ending among employees - A study of the role of employee skills.. Socio-Economic Review
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Lippenyi, Z. & van der Lippe, Tanja (01-12-2015). Aanvragen van zorgverlof - De rol van de arbeidsorganisatie. Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken, 31 (4), (pp. 452-467) (16 p.).
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Lippenyi, Z., Maas, I. & van Leeuwen, M.H.D. (2013). Creating the Hungarian Historical Social Mobility File: Historical social structure and mobility beyond the Leitha. Istoritcheskaya Informatika [Journal for Historical Informatics], 2 (4), (pp. 3-23) (21 p.).
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  Boekbesprekingen - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Lippenyi, Z. (2015). Vraag naar arbeid - boekrecensie. Mens en Maatschappij
  Workshop, seminar, course - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Lippenyi, Z. (12-01-2017) Participant Comparative Organizational Inequality Network meeting Bielefeld (12-01-2017 - 15-01-2017)
  Editorial activity - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Lippenyi, Z. (2017 2018) Editorial board member Routledge (Publisher) Co-editing edited book titled "Sustainable Workforce in European Organizations"
  Hosting an academic visitor - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Lippenyi, Z. (10-04-2017) Host Donald Tomaskovic-Devey Institutions Visiting Professor
  Invited talk - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Lippenyi, Z. (30-06-2016) Invited speaker Hungarian Academy of Sciences Gender inequality in organizations
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Sustainable Workforce project
01-02-2014 tot 28-02-2019
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Sustainable Workforce is an innovative, quantitative research project that investigates the role of organizations in creating a sustainable European workforce. The project will analyze and collect new longitudinal cross-national comparative data on the causes and consequences of organizational investments in human and social capital, work-life policies, work flexibility, long-term employability of older employees, and flexicurity in nine European counties: UK, Finland, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Sustainable Workforce is an ERC-Advanced Grant funded within the 7th Framework Programme (grant agreement no 340045) of the European Research Council in the period between February 2014 and February 2019.

Rol: Uitvoerder Financiering
3e geldstroom - EU: ERC-Advanced Grant

Afgesloten projecten

Towards Open Societies 01-04-2009 tot 01-04-2014
Algemene projectbeschrijving

Towards Open Societies

ERC Advanced Investigators Grant, to study patterns, processes and determinants of social mobility over the past three centuries

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Rol: Uitvoerder Financiering
3e geldstroom - EU
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Research Seminar 2: Analyzing, Reporting and Discussing Your Findings (MSc Sociology, in English)

Sociology of Organizations (MA Sociology, in English)

Questions and Theories in Sociology (BA Sociology, in Dutch)

Sociology MSc,MA, and BA thesis supervision (in Dutch/English)

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