Tong XU is a Ph.D. Candidate at Utrecht University. Tong’s Ph.D. research explores the transition of legitimacy in water resource management ( from the perspective of phronesis) under the supervision of Prof. Marleen van Rijswick, Dr. Herman Kasper Gilissen LLM, and Dr. Liping Dai. Tong obtained her Master’s degree from the China University of Political Science and Law (majoring in administrative law, distinguished) and her LLM degree from the University of California, Davis (specializing in environmental law and water law, with UC Davis &CUPL Scholarship). During Tong’s studies, she also worked as a research assistant at the Institution of the Law-Based Government of CUPL and participated in the national project “2016 Blue Book of Law-Based Government and the Assessment Report of China”; Research assistant in Beijing Dadao Administrative Law Research Center; Senior Editor & Coordinator of the Public Law Group of CUPL Postgraduate Law Review; Now she is a member of the Utrecht Centre for Water, Oceans and Sustainability Law (UCWOSL). Her recent research interests include legal theory (especially regarding Luhmann’s approach to law as a social system) and the function of the legal system in constructing knowledge and fostering concerted action.