Prof. dr. ir. T. (Tina) Vermonden


My research is currently focussed on the development of biomaterials for tissue engineering and drug/protein delivery. We design, synthesize and characterize polymers with special emphasis on cross-linking techniques to obtain advanced material properties for biomedical applications. 


Current group members:

Antoinette van den Dikkenberg

Sanne van de Looij, PhD-student

Jet Hartman, PhD-student (with dr. S. Mihaila/prof. M. Verhaar)

Dmitrii Iudin, PhD student

Levent Kocabas, junior UD

Greta di Marco, PhD student

Dr. Myriam Neumann, postdoc

Mies van Steenbergen

Dr. Reece Lewis

Martina Viola (with dr. Miguel Dias Castilho & prof. Jos Malda)

Eleonora Hochreiner (with dr. Bas van Ravensteijn)

Marta Garcia Valverde (with dr. Silvia Mihaila/prof. Roos Masereeuw)