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Tao Tang's research interests encompass competition law, law and economics, and ICT law. He is right now study on how competition law shall be properly applied in Intenet markets where lots of technological changes take place at a rapid pace, and where new legal issues arise in recent years.  

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Curriculum vitae

Tao Tang (1987) is now a PhD candidate at Europa Institute, Utrecht University (UU). Before joining UU, Tang studied at China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), where he obtained his bachelor's degree in Law (2009) and master's degree in comparative law (2012). In Bejing, China he also interned in China Banking Regulatory Commission as a legal consultant (2011) and in Global Law Firm as a partner assistant (2012).  

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Tang is currently working as a PhD candidate (starting from December 2012) at Europa Institute, Utrecht University. His main interests encompass competition law, law and economics, and Internet law. His current research centers on the question of how competition law can be appropriately applied to the Internet industry. Two questions are to be answered: (1) given that races among Internet undertakings have been largely transformed by the Internet industry’s distinctive economic characteristics, such as multi-sided platform, network effects, fast pace of innovation, and non-price competition, what are the challenges for antitrust authorities and courts in antitrust cases involving Internet undertakings? (2) In the face of the challenges from the online economy, how could competition authorities and courts revise and update relevant analytical approaches in order to better cope with antitrust cases on the Internet, in particular the “unilateral conduct identification” issues therein?

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