Dr. Sarah Rezaei Khavas

Universitair docent
Sectie Economics

"Social Preferences on Networks." Journal of Public Economics 234 (2024):105113 (with Stephanie Rosenkranz, Utz Weitzel, Bastian Westbrock) 

"Jump bidding does not reduce prices: Field-experimental evidence from online auctions." Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 209 (2023) 308-325 (with Joyce Delnoij, Arnout van de Rijt)

"Moral suasion and charitable giving." Scientific Reports 12 (2022): 20780 (with Loukas Balafoutas)

"OK computer: Worker perceptions of algorithmic recruitment." Research Policy 51.2 (2022): 104420 (with Elena Fumagalli, Anna Salomons)

"Gender, competitiveness, and task difficulty: Evidence from the field." Labour Economics 64 (2020): 101815  (with Britta Hoyer, Thomas van Huizen, Linda Kijzer, Stephanie Rosenkranz, Bastian Westbrock)