Dr. Trineke Palm

Dr. Trineke Palm




Wolfram KaiserTrineke Palm (Host)
4 Dec 20195 Dec 2019
An emotional security community under pressure? EU external border controlTrineke Palm (Invited speaker)
21 Nov 2019
, Emotions in European Foreign Policy at Populist Times
How an emotional security community failed: the European Defence CommunityTrineke Palm (Invited speaker)
3 Sept 2019
, UACES 49th Annual Conference
International Conference Public PolicyTrineke Palm (Participant)
26 Jun 201928 Jun 2019
Frankrijk en het Europese LegerTrineke Palm (Invited speaker)
16 May 2019
Heeft de Europese Unie potentie alszelfstandig geopolitiek speler?Trineke Palm (Invited speaker)
12 Apr 2019
, Atlantische Onderwijsconferentie 2019
Blueprints Midterm Conference - The Affective Glue of European IntegrationTrineke Palm (Organiser)
8 Apr 20199 Apr 2019
Working Breakfast European DefenceTrineke Palm (Invited speaker)
12 Feb 2019


Wat bezielt Europa?Trineke Palm (Invited speaker)
1 Nov 2018
UACES conferenceTrineke Palm (Participant)
3 Sept 20185 Sept 2018
The EU in International AffairsTrineke Palm (Participant)
16 May 201818 May 2018
The future of Europe: fear, anger, or hope?Trineke Palm (Invited speaker)
7 May 20188 May 2018
, Euroscepticism and its role in integrating the European Union
European University InstituteTrineke Palm (Visiting researcher)
1 May 201830 Jun 2018
Transatlantic SeminarTrineke Palm (Participant)
24 Apr 2018
Expert Meeting with IOS Visiting Fellow Vivien A. Schmidt on Explaining Policy ChangeTrineke Palm (Participant)
19 Apr 2018


Margins for ManoeuvreTrineke Palm (Participant)
13 Dec 201717 Dec 2017
Brexit and consequences for the EU's Security and Defence CooperationTrineke Palm (Invited speaker)
2 Nov 2017
Historicidagen UtrechtTrineke Palm (Organiser)
26 Aug 2017
"The European Union and You(th)" How can the EU engage with the Expectations of the Younger Generation?Trineke Palm (Invited speaker)
7 Jul 2017
Rondetafelgesprek over de BrexitTrineke Palm (Invited speaker)
7 Jun 2017
EUSATrineke Palm (Participant)
4 May 20176 May 2017
De EU in de wereld: publieke gerechtigheid in internationaal perspectiefTrineke Palm (Invited speaker)
14 Feb 2017
Het Europese leger, wenselijk of niet?Trineke Palm (Invited speaker)
23 Jan 2017


De EU als internationale veiligheidsactor: tussen normatieve macht & realpolitikTrineke Palm (Invited speaker)
27 Sept 2016
Brengen referenda de democratie terug in de Europese Unie?Trineke Palm (Invited speaker)
7 Feb 2016