Dr. Thieu Besselink

Dr. Thieu Besselink

Wetenschappelijk Personeel

Thieu Besselink is an urbanist, educator, and practical philosopher with a thoroughly interdisciplinary background. He has always had one leg in academia and one leg in social enterprise. After his MSc and PhD with prof. Richard Sennett at the LSE and European University Institute he founded The Learning Lab and the Townmaking Institute to develop approaches to transformative learning, urban innovation, and ecology of mind.

Thieu runs the Regenerative Cities Program at the Utrecht University Honours College, a transformational program that focusses on the regeneration of place, society and self.  

Thieu's endeavours in education centre around approaches to regenerative practice, transdisciplinary honours education, professional development, collective and transformative pedagogy, and educational innovation.

As consultant and social entrepreneur he advises governments, universities, and cities on transitions and strategies for resilience, regenerative development, participatory development, urban innovation leadership, and learning regions.