EMLAR XVIIIShalom Zuckerman (Organiser)
19 Apr 202221 Apr 2022


EMLAR XVIIShalom Zuckerman (Organiser)
13 Apr 202115 Apr 2021


The Coloring Book Project WebsiteS. Zuckerman (Contributor)
1 Sept 2020
KleurenSchat: observatie-instrument voor woordenschatontwikkeling. Uitgegeven door Boom Uitgevers Amsterdam.S. Zuckerman (Contributor)
Jun 2020
EMLAR XVIS. Zuckerman (Organiser)
15 Apr 202017 Apr 2020
Projectvoorstel: Nederlands voor alle kinderenS. Zuckerman (Contributor)
, Utrechts Universiteitsfonds


Projectvoorstel - Research IT Innovation Fund 2019: The Collective Mind-Map of Dutch Children as a New Tool for Learning New WordsS. Zuckerman (Contributor)
9 Dec 2019


Principle B Delays as a processing problem: Evidence from task effectsShalom Zuckerman (Invited speaker)
5 Mar 2008
, Annual meeting of DGfS


Reference to a Guise in Child LanguageShalom Zuckerman (Invited speaker)
1 Nov 2003
, BUCLD (Boston, MA, USA)
Guised Competence - children's comprehension of Dutch reflexives in `'guise' contextsShalom Zuckerman (Invited speaker)
6 Sept 2003
, GALA (Utrecht)
What Can Eye Movement of Non-Brain-damaged Adults Tell Us About Pronoun Resolution in Child Language and Agrammatism?Shalom Zuckerman (Invited speaker)
23 Jun 2003
, Nineteenth International Conference of the Israel Association for Theoretical Linguistics 19
Pronoun resolution in Principle B and ECM constructions: Preliminary results from head-mounted eye trackingShalom Zuckerman (Invited speaker)
28 Mar 2003
, CUNY (Boston, USA)
Pronoun resolution in principle B and ECM constructions: Preliminary results from head-mounted eye-trackingShalom Zuckerman (Invited speaker)
28 Mar 2003
, CUNY (Cambridge, MA, USA (MIT))
A cross-linguistic study on the interpretation of pronouns by children and agrammatic speakers: Evidence from Dutch, Spanish and RussianShalom Zuckerman (Invited speaker)
28 Mar 2003
, CUNY (Boston, MA, USA)


Reference Assignment by Children and Agrammatic Broca's aphasicsShalom Zuckerman (Invited speaker)
25 Jun 2002
, IATL 18 (Israel)
Locality and stress(ability)in children's interpretation of pronominalsShalom Zuckerman (Invited speaker)
12 Apr 2002
, GLOW- workshop on the syntax-discourse interface


The syntax-discourse interface and interpretation of pronominals by Dutch speaking childrenShalom Zuckerman (Invited speaker)
5 Nov 2001
, Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD 26)
The Acquisition of "Optional" Movement (Event)Shalom Zuckerman (Member)
, The Acquisition of "Optional" Movement