Dr. Simeon Paravantes


Britain and the United States in Greece after World War II: Anglo-American Relations and the Origins of the Cold War , – 2021

-triple-blind peer reviewed- (London, Bloomsbury, 2021) 
For the first time, Britain and the United States in Greece provides an in-depth analysis of Anglo-American diplomacy in Greece from 1946 to 1950. After Word War II, as Europe floundered economically, British Prime Minister Clement Attlee looked to disengage Britain from some of its broad international obligations and increase American support for its new foreign agenda. One place he sought to do so was in Greece. 
Spero Simeon Z. Paravantes reveals how the relationship between Britain and the US developed in this formative period, arguing that Britain used the fast-escalating tensions of the Cold War to direct US policy in Greece and encourage the Americans to take a more active role – effectively taking Britain's place – in the region. In the process, Paravantes sheds new light on how the American experience in Greece contributed to the formulation of the Truman Doctrine and the containment of communism, the structure of Greek institutions, and ultimately, the birth of the Cold War. 
Drawing on a wide range of sources from Britain, the US, Greece and the Balkans, this book is essential reading for all scholars looking to gain fresh insight into the complex origins of the Cold War, 20th-century Anglo-American relations, and the history of modern Greece. 
-A Tale of Two Referenda: The Plebiscite of 1946 and the Referendum of 2015
(European Review of History, New Horizons III 2019) – DOI:10.1080/13507486.2018.1439884. 
This paper compares two crucial referenda in the history of the modern Greek state, drawing lessons from the past to inform the present. 
-In for a penny: A Legal and Diplomatic History of Reparations and their impact on European (dis?) Integration
(International Journal of Legal History and Institutions, Vol 3, Dec 2019) ISSN: 2515-9208 
A detailed analysis of the issue of war reparations generally, and the Greek-German-Polish cases specifically. 
The relationship between WEU and NATO – 2016
This article analyses the complex institutional relationship between NATO and the WEU 
The nuclear question – 2016 
The Defence Industry and Technology Base (DTIB): the development and production of armaments – 2016 
An analysis of arms-production arrangements in Western Europe during the Cold war. 
The issue of NATO ‘out-of-area’ operations: from West Africa to the borders of the Near East – 2016
This article examines the ways in which NATO countered Soviet attempts at expansion during the Cold War, even in areas 'beyond' its treaty-stated limits. 
The Greek Case: The Truman Doctrine and British Manipulation of the United States (1944-47),’ December 2010 (double-blind peer reviewed 
December 2010 (double-blind peer reviewed) (pp 99-128.) (The Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, Vol. 36, 1&2, winter 2010) 
Franco-British Diplomatic Games and issues within the Western European Union (WEU): 1954-1982 – 2016 
Author of 4 articles, and lead researcher of the British archives' section of the project: 
Research Project: Franco-British Diplomatic games and issues within the Western European Union (WEU) (1954-1982) (CVCE - October 2016) 
1-The relationship between the WEU and NATO: 
2-The Nuclear Question:
3-Defence Industry and Technology Base:
4-The issue of NATO ‘out-of-area’ operations: from West Africa to the borders of the Near East.