Prof. dr. S.S. (Saskia) Arndt

Prof. dr. S.S. (Saskia) Arndt

Animal Behaviour
030 253 7694

Saskia Arndt is professor of Animal Behaviour and chair of the division Animals in Science & Society. Her focus in research is on the development and translation of, primarily, behaviour-related generic animal welfare concepts, methods and insights relevant to the full breadth of domesticated and managed animals. She translates fundamental and applied research to frames of thinking for the veterinarian and to societal issues and discussions on animal behaviour, predominantly in the context of animal welfare and -health.

Trained as an ethologist/zoologist in Giessen (Germany) and Cologne (Germany), Saskia Arndt worked at different high-ranking research institutes, such as the Yerkes National Primate Research Center (Atlanta, USA), the German Primate Center (Göttingen, Germany) and the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne (Germany). After obtaining her PhD ‘Summa Cum Laude’ in 2004, she joined the Department of Animals in Science and Society at Utrecht University (Netherlands) in 2005 and was appointed Associate Professor of Animal Welfare and Behaviour in 2016.

In addition to studying animal behaviour and welfare, Saskia Arndt has spent years of research about the refinement of animal experiments, the validity of animal models, as well as on the formation of attitudes, professional- and personal integrity when using animals.

She is head of the faculty’s Animal Behaviour Clinic, key researcher of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Animal Welfare lab of Utrecht University, UU spokesperson for ‘Welfare of Animals in Research’, member of the Utrecht Life Sciences 3Rs Centre and chair of the faculty’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion-committee. 

She uses her expertise, vision and passion to strengthen the integration of the faculty’s outstanding expertise in animal behaviour, -welfare and -health - the foundation of excellent veterinary care and sustainable strategies for animal welfare.


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