Stefano Rapisarda

Academische Diensten

I started working in the Research Data Management (RDM) team the 25th of January 2023. My background is Physics/Astrophysics, I did my PhD at the University of Amsterdam, a short postdoc there, then a 3 years postdoc in Shanghai and I’ve been a guest researcher at the Stockholm University until 2022. During my academic years I’ve written code to solve all sort of research tasks and I’ve dealt with a very broad variety of data formats (FITS, HDF5, relational databases, etc). I’ve also been always interested in science communication and organized workshops on how to effectively communicate scientific results to a specialized audience. Thinking about my PhD years, I wish I could access all the excellent services that the UU library is currently providing to researchers and students. I am now very happy to know that my experience with handling data and all the things I’ve learned during my academic years will contribute to such services.