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I study vocal development in songbirds and human infants. I’m interested in the question why a good learner learns better than a poor learner? Which factors influence the learning process, how do these factors interact with each other and what are the underlying neural mechanisms. These are the questions I aim to answer in my research, mostly by using songbirds as a model. I also aim to translate the songbird research to human speech development by performing similar studies on babies.

During my research as a PhD candidate at Leiden University, I studied the interaction between experience-dependent learning and experience-independent predispositions. I developed a behavioural paradigm and applied it to zebra finches and human infant studies, revealing that in both species early in development predispositions determine perceptual preferences for song and speech respectively. Later in development, experience-dependent learning becomes more important. I also studied the variation of song between zebra finch populations to get insight in phonological and structural diversity of zebra finch song.

As a postdoc at Liege University, I studied neural plasticity during development in zebra finches and the influence of thyroid hormones.  I also studied sexual differences in co-expression of perineuronal nets and parvalbumin, which has been shown to be associated with the sensitive period for song learning. Furthermore, I was involved in a study on genetic and epigenetic development in male and female zebra finches.

Here at Utrecht University I'm working on a VENI grant, aiming to combine linguistic, behavioural and neural research to study causal factors indluencing individual differences in vocal development in songbirds as a model for speech development. More specifically I aim to study effects of sleep and neural lateralization. I'm also developing a further detailed view of relative role of experience-dependent and -indepedent developmental factors and how this could be explained at a neural level.

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Alle publicaties
  2017 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Raymaekers, Sander R, Verbeure, Wout, Ter Haar, Sita M, Cornil, Charlotte A, Balthazart, Jacques & Darras, Veerle M (01-01-2017). A dynamic, sex-specific expression pattern of genes regulating thyroid hormone action in the developing zebra finch song control system. General and Comparative Endocrinology, 240, (pp. 91-102) (12 p.). Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved..
  2016 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Lachlan, Robert F, van Heijningen, Caroline A A, Ter Haar, Sita M & Ten Cate, Carel (2016). Zebra Finch Song Phonology and Syntactical Structure across Populations and Continents-A Computational Comparison. Frontiers in Psychology, 7.
  2015 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Cornez, Gilles, ter Haar, Sita M, Cornil, Charlotte A & Balthazart, Jacques (2015). Anatomically discrete sex differences in neuroplasticity in zebra finches as reflected by perineuronal nets. PLoS One, 10 (4).
  2014 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
ter Haar, Sita M, Kaemper, Wiebke, Stam, Koen, Levelt, Clara C & ten Cate, Carel (07-12-2014). The interplay of within-species perceptual predispositions and experience during song ontogeny in zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata). Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 281 (1796), (pp. 20141860). © 2014 The Author(s) Published by the Royal Society. All rights reserved..
  2009 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Gobes, Sharon M H, Ter Haar, Sita M, Vignal, Clémentine, Vergne, Amélie L, Mathevon, Nicolas & Bolhuis, Johan J (2009). Differential responsiveness in brain and behavior to sexually dimorphic long calls in male and female zebra finches. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 516 (4), (pp. 312-20) (9 p.).
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Guest lecturer for the course 'Language Development: evolution and biology'

Guest-editor Behavioural Processes

Volunteer at Oosterspoorbaanpark

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