Dr. S.L. (Stefanie) Ypma

Onderzoek- en Valorisatiebeleid

Stefanie Ypma is a physical oceanographer interested in the role of the ocean circulation for climate change and solutions as well as mitigation measures for plastic pollution in the ocean. Her particular expertise is combining the Lagrangian analysis with innovative methods such as network theory and machine learning. So far, her research has focused on the role of water mass transformation processes in the North Atlantic Ocean for the oceanic overturning circulation and the predictability and connectivity of oceanic tracers such as marine debris to e.g. design effective mitigation measures. Further, she is a passionate science communicator and aims to integrate Open Science practices in her teaching. 

Since January 2023, Stefanie manages the Sustainable Ocean Community of Pathways to Sustainability and is the coordinator of the Transdisciplinary Field Guide.

Past research project

Development of a predictive tool for effective removal of marine debris from beaches on the Galapagos Islands in collaboration with the Galapagos Conservation Trust and as part of the AI & Sustainability Lab. More information can be found on our project website and in the animation below.


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