Sacha Handgraaf MSc

Onderwijs & Studentenzaken

Sacha Handgraaf (she/her)


Based in the VMA-building (Princetonlaan 8a). 


Study Advisor at the department of Sustainable Development, specifically for:

  • BSc Natuurwetenschap & Innovatiemanagement
  • BSc Global Sustainability Science
  • MSc Sustainable Development

BSc students can contact me via

MSc students can contact me via

Colleagues can contact me via my personal UU-mail address.

You can contact me for advice about anything within the programme, such as:

  • Choices within the programme;
  • How to deal with study delay;
  • Dissatisfaction with your studies;
  • Conflict with a supervisor. 

Or about any personal circumstance that might hinder your studies, such as: Illness, handicap, pregnancy, special family circumstances.


Online appointments are via your Student-account on Teams

Appointments on campus are in the VMA-building, room 1.08