Dr. Sara Galac

Prof. dr. H. Jakobgebouw
Yalelaan 108
3584 CM Utrecht

Dr. Sara Galac

Universitair hoofddocent
Inwendige Ziekten
030 253 9683

"My mission is to improve the (early) diagnosis of endocrine cancer in animals and to search for novel, efficient, and innovative treatment options." 

My primary interest in research is endocrine oncology, with adrenal and pituitary tumors at the top of the list. These tumors are very similar to their human counterparts. Still, there is one huge difference: in humans, these types of tumors fall into the category of rare cancers, while in dogs, they occur with significantly higher prevalence. The major problem in rare cancer in humans is the lack of access to appropriate therapies. Treatment of veterinary patients, on the other hand, generates knowledge and tissue material and presents a unique opportunity to close the gap in finding a better treatment for rare cancers in humans and dogs.

Recently, in the veterinary research group OnGo, we made essential steps in culturing pituitary and adrenomedullary organoids and tumoroids. Organoids have a significant benefit as a highly suitable model to perform in vitro high-throughput drug screenings. In my vision, organoids can be used as a model for pharmacological drug development, and using different types of organoids on one chip could replace testing in laboratory animals.