Prof. dr. S.G.D. (Stefan) Rüdiger

Hugo R. Kruytgebouw
Padualaan 8
Kamer O 704
3584 CH Utrecht

Prof. dr. S.G.D. (Stefan) Rüdiger

Hoofd departement
030 253 3394

Stefan Rüdiger is Professor of Protein Chemistry of Disease at Utrecht University and Head of the Department of Chemistry.

He is coordinator of the bachelor course "Protein Folding and Assembly". He is also involved in the master courses “Molecules and Cells” and "Concepts in Science for Life".

Rüdiger graduated in Chemistry at Heidelberg University (1995) and obtained the PhD from Freiburg University (2000, summa cum laude). After a postdoc with Sir Alan Fersht (Cambridge University and Medical Research Council, supported by Long Term Fellowships of EMBO and the Marie-Curie Programme) he started his own group in Utrecht in 2004. Rüdiger was Marie Curie Excellence Team Leader (2005), VIDI (2005) and High Potential of Utrecht University (2006). He was Coordinator of the Marie-Curie ITN Innovatove Doctoral Programme "ManiFold" (2012), tracker of the NWO Graduate Programme of the Bijvoet School (2012) and he was Director of the Utrecht Summer School "Exploring Nature's Molecular Machines" (2012-2016). He had been Director of Education of the Chemistry Department of Utrecht University (2021-2022).