Hoogleraar Mondiale EcoHydrologie en Duurzaamheid en Onderzoeksdirecteur Copernicus

Recente nieuwe projecten (start 2024): Recent press releases:  
COMBINED (NWA) Gerichtte bebossing regenval   Resilience in Tropical Forests
RESHAPE (NWO-KIC) Woestijngebieden kunnen klimaatverandering voorspellen Microplastics in nederlandse rivieren
ACT-NOW (NWO-GO) Locked-in deltas Hergebruik van water
  Amazonebossen Stabiliseren Elkaar  

My research theme is Global Eco-Hydrology and Sustainability. My goal is to understand the interactions and feedbacks between soil, vegetation, atmosphere and climate. The understanding of terrestrial processes plays a crucial role in addressing the major sustainability challenges of our time. Key contributions include the generation of new knowledge on these interactions, feedbacks and regime shifts between different environmental compartments and socio-economic drivers. I have developed my research on the interface between hydrology, ecology, soil science and socio-economy, key issues within Sustainability Science. In my vision the most important questions on the environmental agenda emerge at these interfaces and therefore calls for a multi-disciplinary research agenda. 



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