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Roeland is as project researcher involved in the FP7-funded programme "CULTIVATE" a three year research collaboration between the universities of Copenhagen, Uppsala, London, Utrecht and Iceland and part of the HERA Joint Research Programme for the theme “Humanities as a Source of Creativity and Innovation”.
With the headline Copyrighting Creativity: Creative values, Cultural Heritage Institutions and Systems of Intellectual Property, the project wishes to investigate the relationship between creativity, intellectual property law, and cultural heritage from a European perspective and against the background of Europe’s multitude of languages, cultures and legal traditions.
The project’s point of departure is the recent development in digitization and the many new possibilities of copying, sharing and mass distributing texts and images.

ROBOTICS: Roeland is taking part in the CIER-Robotics group "CAAAI" that takes part in the Coordination Action for the design and description of the FET-Flagship candidate Robot Companions for Citizens (CA-RoboCom; CIER is leader of the legal group of the Society Workgroup, of which the main goal is to envision and facilitate a socially and ethically robust development and use of Robot Companions for Citizens. Roeland takes part in the workgroup for drafting a Green Paper on Law and Robotics. He presented on ‘Legal challenges in the development of Robot Companions’ at the Eurobotics Meeting inVästeras, Sweden, April 2011.

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-      Cock Buning, M. de, Bruin, R.W. de, Kindt, R., Het Europese Hof doet nieuwe 'mededelingen aan het publiek', IER 2012-4, 33, pp. 292-298.

Alle publicaties
  2017 - Artikelen
de Bruin, R.W. & de Cock Buning, M. (30-05-2017). Autonomous intelligent cars: proof that the EPSRC Principles are future-proof. Connection Science, 29 (3), (pp. 189 - 199) (10 p.).
  2017 - Boekdelen / hoofdstukken
de Cock Buning, M. & de Bruin, R.W. (2017). Big data en het intellectuele eigendom. In P. Blok (Eds.), Big Data (pp. 85-114) (29 p.). Den Haag: SDU.
  2017 - Rapporten
Engelhard, E.F.D. & de Bruin, R.W. (29-05-2017). EU Common Approach on the Liability Rules and Insurance related to Connected and Autonomous Vehicles - Final Report. (114 p.). European Parliament.
  2017 - Invited talk
de Bruin, R.W. (05-07-2017) Invited speaker Future of Transportation World Conference 2017 Cologne (05-07-2017 - 06-12-2017) Regulating Innovation of Autonomous Intelligent Cars:Liability & Privacy
  2016 - Artikelen
de Bruin, R.W. (01-10-2016). Autonomous Intelligent Cars on the European Intersection of Liability and Privacy - Regulatory challenges and the road ahead. European Journal of Risk Regulation, 7 (3), (pp. 485-501) (16 p.).
de Bruin, R.W. (23-12-2016). Pokémon GO: gevangen in eigendom. Tijdschrift voor Internetrecht, 2016 (5/6), (pp. 190-194) (5 p.).
  2016 - Voordrachten / lezingen
R.W. de Bruin (16-11-2016) Presentatie van paper 'Autonome Intelligente Voertuigen: een Europese toekomst?.
R.W. de Bruin (21-11-2016) Presentation of paper 'Can regulation provide stimuli rather than hurdles for the innovation of Autonomous Intelligent Cars in Asia'.
  2015 - Boekredactie
Belder, Lucky, de Cock Buning, Madeleine & de Bruin, Roeland (2015). Cultivate! Cultural heritage institutions, copyright and cultural diversity in the European Union and Indonesia. Amsterdam: Delex.
  2014 - Rapporten
de Cock Buning, Madeleine, Belder, Lucky & de Bruin, Roeland (2014). Intellectual property rights and the development of robotics in Europe - Report for the FET-flagship proposol companions for citizens. (10 p.). Centre for Access to and Acceptance of Autonomous Intelligence.
  2014 - Annotaties
de Bruin, Roeland (2014). Annotatie bij HvJEU 13 februari 2014, Svensson/Retriever. (5 p.).
  2013 - Voordrachten / lezingen
R.W. de Bruin (14-11-2013) ‘Autonomous Intelligent Systems het recht in de Europese Unie’
R.W. de Bruin (26-04-2013) ‘Copyright protection & Cultural Diversity in the EU’
R.W. de Bruin (13-02-2013) ‘European Copyright Law – Something to share?’
R.W. de Bruin (06-05-2013) ‘IP-Rights and the development & deployment of Autonomous Intelligent Systems in the EU’
R.W. de Bruin (05-11-2013) ‘Journalist en Recht: Fundamenten – communicatievrijheid en privacy’
  2012 - Artikelen
de Cock Buning, M., de Bruin, R.W. & Kindt, R. (2012). et Europese Hof doet nieuwe mededelingen aan het publiek. Intellectuele eigendom & reclamerecht (IER), 4, (pp. 292-298) (7 p.).
de Cock Buning, M., Belder, L.P.C. & de Bruin, R.W. (2012). Research Exeptions in EU Copyright Law. European Review of Private Law, 4, (pp. 933-960) (28 p.).
  2012 - Boekdelen / hoofdstukken
de Cock Buning, M., Belder, L.P.C. & de Bruin, R.W. (2012). Mapping the legal and normative framework for the sustainable development of Autonomous Intelligent Systems in Society. In S. Muller (Eds.), The Law of the Future and the Future of Law (pp. 195-211) (17 p.). Den Haag: HiiL.
  2012 - Rapporten
de Cock Buning, M., Belder, L.P.C. & de Bruin, R.W. (2012). EU Legislation and Case Law on the Use of Copyrighted Works for Research Purposes. (31 p.). Kyoto Comparative Law Center.
de Cock Buning, M., Belder, L.P.C. & de Bruin, R.W. (2012). Intellectual Property Rights and the Development of Robotics in Europe. (10 p.). FET-Flagship Proposal Robot Companions for Citizens.
  2011 - Rapporten
de Cock Buning, M., Ringnalda, A. & de Bruin, R.W. (2011). Data in Public Private Projecten: juridische aspecten. (55 p.). Surf Foundation.
de Bruin, R.W., de Cock Buning, M. & Ringnalda, A. (2011). Open Access en Onderzoeksdata. (58 p.). Utrecht: Universiteit Utrecht.
  2011 - Voordrachten / lezingen
R.W. de Bruin (30-10-2011) Presentatie ‘Case Study: Digitisation & the online publication of Indonesian Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands'
  0 - Voordrachten / lezingen
R.W. de Bruin () Presentation of paper 'Private Actors in regulation of Privacy and Liability issues in Autonomous Intelligent Cars'
R.W. de Bruin () Voordracht: ‘Robot Companions for Citizens – and the Law’
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